Kara Demon difference cr.RH and cl.RH

Ok guys in this thread I have the videos for the comparison of the close standing strong tick kara demon setup. I first do the standard kara demon with forward strong and then either cr. roundhouse or close standing roundhouse demon setup afterwards depending on the video you are watching.

Video 1 is the crouching roundhouse comparison and Video 2 is the close standing roundhouse comparison. Please tell me what you think!:angel:

Video 1

Video 2

Very very very nice :clap:

I am so going to learn how to do that :badboy:

Thanks a lot for that man :tup: Truly amazing what you’ve just shown me!

Glad you like it Harmonaz.:lovin: I think the setup in the second video could be very devastating. You get so much range it’s like your dashing before the demon initiates. One problem though is that the timing to kara the Roundhouse is so hard that it might not be practicle during the heat of a battle.

damn man, those are some sick demons.
nice vids.

Thanks four clones! Oh and Naz, try out that cr.roundhouse demon after a dive kick instead of the standard forward strong one. Works a hell of alot better. You can also just do a normal medium kick in the air that doesn’t crossover and then go into the cr. roundhouse demon. Brings you right up to the guy. :devil:


Good shit.

I’m still not sure which hk has the better range, though (maybe it’s the same?).
We need frame stats for this shit ASAP.

Still, crouching hk is better 'cause you don’t have to be up close to get the added range.

damn man, this shit seems tough as hell to pull off:confused: :sweat:

Still haven’t tried due to being quite busy :sad:

Though I’m quite surprised by the standing RH one - I never thought that moved akuma forward by much, yet it seems that it moves him further forward than any other of his moves?

But Hell Murder (or anyone else), could you possibly try a few things that popped into my mind and let me know if they work? No worries if you can’t - I should be doing these myself in training mode :arazz:

See if any of those demons work after a close mk (knee). If there’s anyway that one of those kara demons move Akuma into grab range after a knee, then damn that is just too good!

Also for these possible setups? Close HP, dash back, cr.lk,lk, cr.mk

^^ You know what Naz, I think I’m about to go have a kara demon field day (I thought of the close standing mk too) ! :looney: :rofl:

I might try karaing some more moves too…

Naz the thing is, I don’t know if the standing RH one is just as good or better. It’s sort of like an illusion. The thing is to execute it you do lp, lp, walk forwards a tiny bit then hit forwards and hk, lk, fp. See you have to be close to the other person in order to get the Axe kick to come out. Otherwise you will get the spinning hook kick.

Ok here’s the deal. These four demon setups directly below are all possible yet very hard to pull off. Maybe Naz can test them out and tell us what he thinks. He is the more experienced Akuma player.

Close mk, it’s possible with the cr. Rh setup but there is still a small gap. Maybe a kara throws worth of distance, so I don’t think it will be effective. It is however, possible with the close RH setup except very hard. I use this technique when executing it; since you have to walk forwards a bit after the knee to get within range for the axe kick don’t buffer the 2 lp’s in until Akuma starts putting his knee down, (I’ll call this the “delay” technique), so you do the tick (close mk knee) then when he starts lowering his knee you buffer the 2 lp’s at the very last second then walk forward enough, but not too much so that the system forgets you entered in the 2 lp’s, and proceed with the rest of the inputs, (forward + Rh + lk +Fp). It then looks like Akuma jumps forward and begins the demon. Very cool if you happen to pull it off! But extremely difficult, I happen to get it once out of every 10 tries…:sweat: :sad:

The back dash demon setup is quite similiar to the one above because the range differences are about equal. It’s possible with the cr. Rh but there is still a significant gap. It does infact work with close Rh but extremely difficult to pull off. You have to back dash and enter the two lp’s in at the last second like the delay technique I mentioned above so that the system doesn’t forget you entered them when you move forward to execute the rest of the command.

Cr. lk twice, meh, it’s possible with the cr. Rh but there is a significant gap. I gave up on trying to do it with the close standing Rh because it is way too hard. I’m sure its possible though, since after you execute the two lk’s your in the same range as after you enter a back dash and/or you execute a close mk knee. The thing is holding down hard punch to buffer the lp’s and having to do two lk’s and waiting until the last second two enter in the 2 lp’s! Man oh man, just way too complicated. :looney:

Cr. mk works with both. Close standing Rh brings you much closer, yet it is harder. You have to use the delay technique like I explained above. You have a good amount of time to enter in the lp’s at the last second but because recovery for the mk takes time, that’s the main problem. I don’t think this setup is possible because the mk takes so much time to recover your opponent will be able to punish you before you can even get the demon out. You can execute the cr. Rh demon much faster but it has less range. So I think that one might be feasible.

Now, close Fierce is impossible. Way too much distance for any kara demon to close the gap.

Two kara demons of my own that I came up with today.

How about throwing in any kind of kara demon after a meaty UOH. I’ve never seen this before so I figured I’d try it out. Works fine with any three of the kara demon setups. Either forward strong (easy), cr. Rh (hard), close Rh (hardest).

You could also try a cr. Rh demon, or a close Rh demon after a meaty cr. mp. Works well in both situations. A forward strong demon is not enough to close the gap but the cr. Rh does. The close Rh demon is the best in this situation but of course the hardest.

Here is how you do the demons. (when facing right)

Basic Kara Demon
:lp: :lp: (slight pause) :r: :mp: (stick neutral) :lk: :hp:

Crouching Roundhouse Kara Demon
:lp: :lp: (slight pause) :df: :hk: :lk: :hp: (Thanks to HeavenlyStriker, try walking up more after you input the two light punches to get better range)

Close standing Roundhouse or Axe Kick Kara Demon
Make sure you delay the input of the two lp’s after the tick. So it’s the tick, then a slight delay, then :lp: :lp: (move forward a little bit, just enough so that your Axe Kick is in range) then very fast :r: :hk: (stick neutral) :lk: :hp:

Thanks for going to all that trouble man :tup: I’m still quite busy and can’t get any time for 3s tonight…

By the way, people wont always go for punishment if they block a very close cr.mk - you can only punish that with instant supers. Otherwise it’s actually used to parry trap people quite a lot :rofl: Try using this setup in a match against good players.

What if a cr.mp is not meaty? If I walk up right next to you, cr.mp, then cr.RH demon - won’t work?

Gotta run now. All I can say is that you’ve opened up a whole new chapter of Akuma playing. NOT just demon setups - demon setups alone increase the complexity of your strategies.

Just imagine, people scared to stay on the ground even when the range looks like its not enough to kara - let them jump and you can follow them up with a hurricane or send an sa1 chasing after them :rofl:

PS - referring to your ‘delay’ technique, if you want to have a bit more time to walk forward, tap the two lp’s slowly :wink:

Yah, now that I think about it the cr. mk might not be so bad after all. My friend loves to cr. mk me on wake up and as soon as I parry it, boom, strait into SRK. Gah, that Ken. :looney:

I’m pretty sure the cr. mp will still work out if it’s not meaty. Just be sure that your close enough and you have enough time to execute the demon. When it is meaty, it makes sure you can verify those lp’s at the perfect time incase you decide to go for the close standing Rh kara.

Hmm, I know. I really think I struck gold this time. I just wish I could master them. I’ve got the close mp setup mastered. But the close mk is hard.

SLOWLY HUH!?!? That shit might just work!

kara throw (fake) > kara demon! haha

Now, close Fierce is impossible. Way too much distance for any kara demon to close the gap.

HUH? impossible?, meh, tis easy for me, I can even pull it off with a jump in fierce x2 into demon :woot:

What ever you say bud. :rolleyes:

Damn it! Is there anyone here that can try this stuff out?! I mean come on what the hell is this guy talking about. ^^

Where are those dedicated Akuma players!?

wait, so wut are we exactly tryna do? :wgrin:

Haha, well if you wan’t, try pulling off some of those demons I posted up above. It’s the really big post. I explain how to do them very meticulously so it shouldn’t be too hard. Just don’t use the complicated ticks. Try doing it with just standing close mp. at first. It shows you how do to the kara Rh demons at the bottom. Try to do the ones I did in the video, then go for the big ones.


The reason why I wasn’t sure if the close st. hk has more range is because you have to walk forward a bit to execute the kara which made the range somewhat deceptive.

I’ve been testing both the hk’s extensively (by kara-ing the cr. hk after walking forward a bit), and I think the close st. hk does indeed have more range, but just slightly.
Even after numerous pauses to note the range difference, I’m still not 100% sure.
Frame data would help tremendously.

Aboot hitting them with a kara-demon after the close st. mk, you can actually use the cr. hk kara, but you have to walk forward a bit before you kara (just like the st. hk kara, but it’s still easier to do than that one).

And backdash range has a much closer gap than the range from the close st. mk.

Oh yeah, you can also try the kara with cr. mk, the range is better than f+mp, but not as good as cr. hk or close st. hk.
And if you mess up in a battle, it’s not as easily punishable as, say, the cr. hk one.

I got a few people on Live with demon setups last night. There’s no doubt that learning to kara demon with close standing Rh will be worth your while. It’s a much better kara demon. I tried a close standing short as a tick and then went for the standard kara demon but the person I was playing managed to jump out. Now next time I made sure to do it with the new close standing Rh setup. He didn’t even know what hit him! :lovin:

I’m considering making a video of the close standing mk. kara demon. It just looks so bad ass!

The video speaks for itself guys.

:wow: :amazed: :looney: :badboy: