Kara Demon on CPU Emulator/GGPO

Ok first I was using this game pad
USB Saitek Cyborg Rumble Force

It’s good because it has 6 buttons on the face. But then I found that it’s really hard to do RD with just your thumb lol. you end up mashing MK, etc when you go for HP.

Anyways, to fix this problem I changed all the punches and kicks to numpad 456 and 123 respectively (I’m still using the dpad on the controller though). Now I can do RD easily. I can also do C.HK/Demon and standing HK/Demon all the normal RD just as easily.

Now my problem is doing kara demon. I’ve watched the Jiro/Harmonaz vids etc on youtube on how to do it. I just can’t seem to get it. When I do get it, it’s after the hand slaps once or twice (which is bad/worthless). Is it just keyboard inputs not registering or something? That doesn’t really make sense if the C.HK works etc.

Just for reference I’m doing this input and nothing is happening except the hand slap ( Zugai Hasatsu ).
Forward, 5, 4,4, Down/Forward,1,9.

Also for dash demon, Akuma’s dash is really short and fast, how the hell can you buffer the jabs in it? After I press forward-forward there isn’t even enough time.

PS- Is the input reading more specific when doing kara? It seems that when doing a normal RD that a Forward -press- OR -release- is enough trigger the RD.

PPS- In the harmonaz video at the end it shows a slow mo, but he only presses LP once, what the hell?

Oh and btw, I have this training program for CPS3 emulator to give me full meter/full clock at all times. As well as give enemy full meter and full life. ^^


First of all I would urge you to take everything I’m about to say with a hefty dose of salt, as I’m obviously no pro. My Kara execution is somewhere near 2-10% of the time, in a practice setting. I prefer the jump buffer and walk up method.

That said, It’s difficult to see, but the reason it seems as if Jiro/Naz only press the jab once is pressing is a lot less deliberate on sensitive buttons. on a keyboard of any sensitivity you have to move your finger more just to get the second press. This may be different for different arcade buttons, but on sanwa obsf-30s, you can move your finger it seems like less than a millimeter and it will register a second punch. What I end up doing when I practice demon is basically wiggling my finger very lightly to get the second jab.

What’s this practice mode emulation you’re talking about though? I’ve been using saved states…this is news to me!

Oh also I think negative doesn’t work on kara RDs because just pressing and releasing doesn’t count as two standing presses, it needs direction for the release to be recognized. You can observe this yourself by turning on the display button input in MAME, and do a negative edge shoryuken, then compare it against just pressing jab, and release. In the case of the shoryuken, the punch released shows up in the display after the shoryuken motion, in the case of the standing jab, only one is recognized.


guy posted link there, following pages show exactly how to use it (its easy anyways) if you’re stuck. Make sure you have the latest version of cps3 (that is why I couldnt get it to work at first)


BoT, So You’re saying its not me it’s the keyboard, damn. I was hoping you wouldn’t say that >.< I dont have any money for a stick although I need one really badly

Well I’m sure if you were fast enough you could pull it off, I never could though…nowadays going back to keyboard makes my finger joints hurt

Also, I can’t find cps3 anywhere- I’ve scoured nebula and several forums. Everywhere I look is 1.0a. Could you help me out?

I’d be PMing this but my post count isn’t high enough:rolleyes:

Use FBA Shuffle or nFBA with cheats to have a pseudo training mode like that but with savestates…

To determine what’s wrong with your inputs, install Mame and display inputs motion/buttons…
You’ll see on screen exactly what you have inputted…

I also forgot to mention that I can’t kara throw either (which is a lot easier right?). I dunno maybe sometimes I am doing it I just don’t see it? What exactly does the Kara Throw look like?

yea, I even setup towards and MP to the same button just to test this out and i still can’t kara throw (you should hear the grunt right?)
And I read this: http://www.shoryuken.com/features/s000313.shtml PS- what is normal throw range compared to the 24 for kara throw?

edit- and the kara throw will still work when im well out of range (and gonna whiff the throw) right? yea

Here are some gif’s I made also:

first 5 frames slowed down speed:

faster speed:

So frames 6 and 5 are both hits? so I have 4 frames to do the kara throw? That’s almost half a second right? That should be plenty of time imo. Something must be up >.< Or can I only do the kara on certain specific frame(s)?

AFA i can remember, you have to cancel forward MP by throw on the first (maybe second) frame.

oh and the kara UOH doesn’t work either.

Why did you say that?
It works fine…

Any kara move I do, doesn’t work. I don’t understand why.

kara throw, kara demon, kara UOH, none work. (I can tell because of the sound cue right?)

Everything works fine, you probably don’t do it correctly or you’ve got an issue on your side (PC/keyboard/…).

can anyone comfirm doing any of these on the CPs3 emulator? I tried it here at work too and it doesn’t work.

sort of old but whatever, these 3s forums need to serious revitalizing. i can’t wait 'til people realize sf4 sucks ass and come crawling back to 3s.

anyway, any technique that works in the arcade will work on an emulator. so if your kara throws aren’t working, then either your technique is just off and you need more practice, or your keyboard can’t reconize the amount of simultaneous inputs required to kara throw.

as for kara DEMONS, don’t even try doing them on a keyboard or pad, it’s almost fucking impossible and just plain not worth learning. save up for a stick, seriously (50 bucks for a hori fs3). even after you get your stick you still won’t be able to do them very well for quite a long time. it has nothing to do with the emulator or your stick, it’s just a damn hard technique to learn.

EDIT: practice your jab buffering in super turbo. just double tap jab as you would if you were doing a kara demon. you should see two jabs rapidly shoot out (very rapidly). you should do this often to train your fingers and keep them limber.

Nulldc 1.0.0b1.6 runs third strike. Obviously you must own the game to have the rom and use it. But anyway it runs 3s and you get a training mode and all the rest of it, as well as parry training.

As for Kara demon. I have full sanwa setup and still can’t get it down correctly. been practicing on and off for 3 days… Kara throw is easy enough. Just forward Mp+lk+lp. trick is to press all the tree buttons almost at the same time. there should be like 1/60th of a second delay between mp and lk+lp.

hmm what controls i use is this (its obvious everyone uses arrow keys):

D = LP
A = MP
S = HP
C = LK
Z = MK
X = HK

the SGS sounds so easy to do, yet i can’t do it

ive never used a keyboard to play…but why on earth wouldnt you just use wasd instead of the arrow keys? the buttons on an arcade are pressed with the right hand, while the left hand handles the movement.

He might be like me:

becoming interested in the game strictly over kaillera, having only been to an arcade a select few times with the most recent visit being quite the long time ago.

So setting the directions to directional keys seems obvious- if you have very little background in fighting games and are just looking to see what all the hype is about.


CPS3 is arcade perfect. Everything works.


If I knew the advanced technical side of CPS3 besides running it to play 3rd Strike, I’d record it and show you that everything works. Everything works b/c CPS3 is the program used in the actual arcade machines. You can probably do everything you want on a keyboard or game pad, but why would you?

And the lesson learned is . . .

Get a stick.

If you want to lug it out with a keyboard, I suggest setting the directions to the W-A-S-D style: W = up; A = left; S = down; D = right (or any set of keys that have that pattern: R-S-D-F / T-F-G-H / etc). That way you can set the number pad or the whatever you want as the punches and kicks. It keeps the directions with the left hand and the actions with the right.

I suggest you simply practice beating the game on the hardest difficulty without any special directions or whatevers before trying to learn the kara-demon. Stick to learning the kara-throws. Those are the most important anyway.

Sort out your execution.

Even absolute scrubs on ggpo/2df are doing kara everything.