Kara Demon on CPU Emulator/GGPO

after you get a stick, forget the demon for a while and make hit confirming into his super a top priority (sa1). hit confirming into whiffed shoryus sucks, so practice up. getting a solid grip on these fundamentals will make you a much better player in the long run.

cr. short x2 - super
cr. short - cr. jab - cr. short super
close forward - link super

I think that your keyboard has reached its maximum number of simultaneous inputs.

for the kara demon this guy is known for surprise kara demon, most of his matches he always uses this to finish opponents and rarely seen missed his kara demon


imo, if you are really this fast on executing the technique i find it kinda scary

I can TKD on the emulator, and I lose to my friend’s Hugo CONSTANTLY… proving that I suck balls in this game…

BTW: I can’t usually get up to Sean’s bonus stage without continuing on Level 1 difficulty… But I can Kara Demon… It’s really not THAT hard to do… The KKZ reset… that’s hard.

Buffer the first down before the lp.

It works better for me than just going into a non buffered KKZ.

Disclaimer: This shit doesn’t work all the time however. I don’t know if there are specific frames that allow me to input the buffer or something, but it doesn’t come out 100% =/

Don’t know if you talk about reset KKZ being character specific, but i’m pretty sure it works with the entire cast.
With some chars (specially Oro), it’s way easier to launch by karaing c.mk before activating KKZ (to gain range).
AFAIK, there’s only one case where it doesn’t work at all: against an activated GeniJin Yun…

No I meant the buffered KKZ doesn’t always seem to work. As in Down LP Down Down 3P.

I didn’t say i can’t do it… but it’s hard.

The KKZ reset, at least the way I do it…

c.:mk:, :lk: tatsu, s.lp, :d:, :d:, :df: + :mk:, :3p:

I don’t know how… but that works for me at least 3/10 times. I’ve never been able to do it buffering the first down.

That an interesting notation. The only reason I bring up the buffered one is cause you have to execute a non buffered version a bit faster and there is more room to mess up imo. I’m gonna try your way later though.


then there’s this… I understand how it works though…

the d, then he doesn’t 2in1 with the qcb, then one more down is needed.

you should have plenty of time to get that out then.

i need help using my keyboard for street fighter 2 the new challengers

Hello everybody I’m using gametap.com and paying to play street fighter because that’s the only place I can find it at,anyways on gametap.com u have to use the arrows to play, there is no way to alter the controller,but damn it is hard to do zangief’s spinning pile driver using the arrow keys,can someone help me out on how or if there is a way I Could find st 2 on pc so I can do like you people do some cool moves though I have to say!Also I downloaded this ggpo, and it keeps saying connection lost,whats up with this, and why? Because I’de love to play some people online,gametap does not allow this muliplayer stuff which sucks.Has anyone here ever played street fighter on gametap,and if yes were you able to do zangieffs spinning pile driver, remember I can only use what gametap gives me which is only the arrows, and the strong kick is s, the mk is d, the weak kick is f, for the punches the strong punch is x, the mp is c, the weak punch is v.That’s the layout for gametap. So please will someone help me.??

                                                   THANK YOU PEACE OUT


Damn, paragraphs is your friend.

When you go on GGPO and it says “connection lost” just exit the application and run it again. It might take a few tries.

I know im bumping a really old thread but LOL, I finally got a stick a few months ago and I still can not kara demon. I can kara throw like 90% of the time, and I don’t really practice kkz reset but I have done it on 50% of the time I tried it. Here is a video I did recently
go to 0:40 [media=youtube]Y-RGQIUlWBU[/media]

sorry to say this, but you botched that reset. ryu landed fully and got hit either because it’s a dummy or the guy didn’t block. i don’t think you can even do resets with close fierce. besides close fierce xx sa2, i doubt anything can follow it.