Kara EX-Duck Under [Help]



Hello all,

I’ve enjoyed playing Dudley for quite some time now as my secondary character but as of lately I’ve been playing him almost exclusively because I’ve decided to drop my current main (Vega) and main Dudley instead.

I remember seeing Ryu Apprentice’s video of the Kara Ex-Duck under a few months ago and thought it would be an awesome tool to utilize, especially in high level play. With much enthusiasm, I went straight to training mode and practiced it. I managed to execute the move but at the cost of adding kkk and PPP as my 7th and 8th button on my stick. As hard as I tried, I simply could not plink ex. machine gun into ex. duck under using two punches and two kicks. I lost interest in applying it to my play because Dudley was not my main, and the new button layout I created in order to execute the move was down right awkward.

I’m ready to take Dudley to the next level and believe this is a vital tool to have. Before committing to incorporating additional buttons to my play (something I would prefer not to do, I’m used to the six button layout), I thought I would come here and ask if there’s anyone who has mastered this technique and get any advice on how to execute it without assigning kkk & PPP to individual buttons.



Thought I would get some advice but as an update, I decided to just incorporate 2 additional buttons to my button layout. Instead of a six button config, I’m now using an 8 button.

I’ve found some success in it’s use but I’m still trying to figure out ideal ways to utilize the move.

So far the extended range of EX duck came in handy after a knock down or forward throw. I create space that places me in a position that “appears” to be non-threatening to my opponent. Basically, I put myself outside of normal duck unders reach. I then execute the Kara duck under for a surprise throw. Its been very effective as a last play effort to finish the round.

I’ve also made the switch to ultra 1. Been playing around with the concept of using Kara ex duck under into cr.HK, U1. The concept behind it is a set of moves that covers almost half the screen distance in a very short time.

Kara ex.Duck under into cr.HK covers A LOT of space in two moves. In theory, you would catch your opponent standing as a result of the distance covered. After cr.HK hits, combo into U1 for 290 damage.


Well Spacing is pretty much its best use in terms of covering distance in a short period of time. It’s also useful against footsy tools that your opponent will like to use against you, like adon, chun li, or sagat’s standing roundhouse (for example). You can usually ex duck your way in due to the full upper body invisibility. However every now and you do it too early and you will get hit when you go in for a whiff punish. Kara ex duck alleviates that problem by increasing the active frame duration of the ex duck by 4-5 frames (Don’t remember which).

http://www55.atwiki.jp/dyken/pages/29.html here’s the comparative analysis of dudley’s various ducks (includes kara h.mgb and kara ex mgb. duck variations).