Kara EX Ryusokyaku/Axe Kick

So forgive me if many of you will agree that “this doesn’t deserve it’s own thread,” but honestly these days I can never tell.

So I just wanted to see if anyone else noticed that E Ryu can kara the startup of his Ryusokykaku into EX Ryuso. The product of this is a farther ranged EX Ryuso, especially if you kara with the LK Ryuso. All you need to do: Do the motion for Ryuso, and hit LK ~ MK/HK/MK+HK (The safest option to make sure you EX). You’re just plinking the LK into the other kicks and voila–E Ryu moves forward from the LK Ryuso, then starts the EX Ryuso.

Again, I know this might not deserve it’s own thread, but like many of you who have been playing E Ryu since day one, I know he needs all the help/advancement in his game that he can get. Having Akuma’s stats, and having an abysmal amount of offensive tools compared to Akuma, I’m hoping we can start taking little discoveries like this and step our game up! =]

Oh and I searched, and I have not seen anyone mention this kara, so forgive me if someone else already discovered this. I gave it a few days just in case I was gonna repost old news…yet I still haven’t heard about it, so I thought I’d share. I’ve easily caught opponents who figured they were out of range of my specials with this overhead kara.

If you can find great applications of this technique/other applications when doing a kara from Ryusokyaku, please post it up!

this seems pretty useful, might have to tested it more

Right now with everyone still pretty new to fighting E Ryu, I catch quite a few people offguard with this, but it will surely become a reaction block when people get used to it enough. It’s still a great move to beat someone else’s badly placed poke—for example I have caught a lot of Bison’s and Chun’s (Woo lol) who are poke happy with this trick.

The main power to this trick is really the deceptive range; People won’t think you’re close enough from the max distance to even hit them, so sometimes they’ll simply walk into it/focus only to get countered.

will have to try this.

KKK Teleport after landing Ultra 1 sets up max range for Kara EX Stomp.

could you do a kara uppercut then?

Yeah, you kara off of his Cr. Forward similar to ken in 3rd strike