Kara Fuhajin Store



I’ve seen this term pop-up and it sounds like you can move forward while storing a fuhajin. If this is the case what is the input for this?


Plink mp with the store. Though I don’t think its possible with mk store because you’ll get kara focus attack.


Kail made a neat video about this sometime ago:


Ok, I was ,messing with this in training mode, seems like by plinking mp w/ fuhajin store u move foward 1/4 big block(from thick black line to the next I call one big block) If you do the fuhajin store motion and walk forward before she puts her foot down the you hit kick to get the same 1/4 big block. If you do the Fuhajin store motion hold forward and then plink the mp before she puts her foot down she moves 1/2 big block. I will get video of this up hopefully by monday (I have a busy weekend full of weddings)