Kara Green Hand help

I asked this in another topic but didnt get mutch help

How do I do kara green hand?
Well I do know how: cancel standing heavy kick into ex greenhand, but the problem is that the roundhouse dont get canceld.

So what I do is mashing the green hand commands on the stick, and then I press HK button and 0.1 seconds after, I press PPP button.

what should I do+

is that even possible?
I havent seen anything pop up when i tubed it, although i found out you can kara his ultra (i guess)

What? You’re not making sense.


I believe you do the 6234 motion and then plink the HK with the lp+mp.

So the input list should show:


You have 2 frames of interval to input the two punches after inputting HK

pick blanka in training and just ave him do his ball over and over.i can kara hand about 2-10 and i just tried it for the first time yesterday.2/10 is too risky for online when i need that meter.

whaaaaat? I dont understand. I did that like 100 times and it didnt work once.
Someone else explain the input please

Where is ultradavid?

Please just stop. The guy was kind enough to give you THE EXACT BUTTON NOTATIONS and yet you still cry about not being able to do it. The whole thread makes me sick. I don’t think you can get a better explanation than that. If you still can’t help yourself and follow it, then you are just beyond help. Crying for UD is not going to get you anywhere. If HK is coming out, you’re pushing the pp too slow. It’s as simple as that. You obviously did NOT do that 100 times because it would have worked 100 times. The problem isn’t in the explanation. It’s in your execution of the instructions. So once again, I implore you, please just stop.

easy man, you act like I raped your mother
(no disrespect to Kanta-Kun)

Back to topic, I dont understand how…I will have to try again, harder!

i hope your starting at the right point

lol that explain why it didnt work, I started the wrong way, I test tomorrow.


I just wish someone out there would have made two youtube videos and multiple posts about the subject.

What a coincidence, I just found out this Miketyson (live thadon2) is a cheating ass.
just watch his newest replay on GFWL with input display
he obviously is using some autofire software because no joystick hardware autofire i think can input that fast with 1 frame interval.
that’s the way he does cr lk *n .

wow i finally got this shit down … i seen renegade’ clip on the kara green hand but what i don’t understand is how is he using lp to kara, i thought most normals that you use to kara with have a moving forward motion or it doesn’t matter.

i have done this with the st.hk but the input for it is so weird, that i don’t think that using the st.hk to kara green hand is a practical method. I would like to know why does lp work, because that seems a hell of a lot easier to do then trying to kara a st.hk. Once i get the answer i will do the same thing as i did before, with actual hand motions since people are still having problems with it.

Just try to do the inputs like you see in his video. It works. Just sit there for a couple of hours and practice it. I think I’ve gotten to the point where I can hit it about 90% in training mode. And I know when to try to throw it out and when not to during a match. With the lp version, when I mess up, I’m less likely to be punished than if I messed up doing the HK version. If I screw up my inputs, at most, I get a st.mp. I found that when I messed up the HK version, I would get st.HK which then can punish with another ball. But the most important part is that you have to pay attention to how you blocked the ball. If you block it late, it’s a lot harder to hit it with GH. If you blocked it early enough, you can tell that it hits you “deeper” so he doesn’t bounce quite as far away. I don’t bother trying it if I blocked it crouching. Like Renegade said, it’s mostly a timing issue. You want to take just a slight step forward after getting out of block stun and then hit lp~lp+mp. That way, even if you screwed up the kara, if you timed it right, you’ll still get them with regular GH. Baring you blocked the ball early while standing. That’s just how I do it. I’ve managed to use it quite effective in actual matches.

Oh, and using turbo/hacks to do cr.lk links is quite lame. Which in turn makes me hate this thread even more.

the rumor is that it’s a regular jab green hand kara’d into an EX green hand, not a jab. Jab certainly doesn’t move him forward much.

It’s all about the move hierarchy, really. Certain motions/commands have greater priority than others. Kicks over Punches, Hards over lights, EX over normals, ultras over everything.

This is why Balrog’s rush punch commands are all fucked up.

This also explains why Gief can only do armor absorb xx ultra and not armor lariat or SPD. EX RBG is higher on the move priority than everything but ultra.


Thanks taking the time to explain. I will try and incorporate the lp kara green hand into my game. on another note has anyone found any other uses for it besides punishing blanka balls?

yeah, i hate people that use turbo…honestly but that’s on a another subject.


uMMmm that’s pretty pretty weird thing about that rumor.Very valid point on the move subject, i didn’t think of it that way.