Kara hayate applications?

so i was playing some makoto and i noticed you can kara hayate off of lk. any practical applications for this? the range is pretty good, you can get full screen from a lk kara’d fierce hayate so it might be good for some full screen stuff without burning that EX meter. (i play sa1 exclusively so i don’t usually want to burn all my meter away)

anyway the startup frames are 6,9,11,17 from jab to EX in that order. basically when you kara it, it moves the distance almost exactly to the distance of the next hayate. although im not sure how many frames you lose from the kara.

i don’t play makoto enough to know hayate punishes but i thought i’d throw it out to the panel of makotos and ask if there is anything practical to use this for?

also what are the other things you can kara hayate off of for EX hayate followups?

a decent application that i do with this is lk~ex for chip basically because it’s a safe move not only that but if someone is building meter or whiffing because they think it’s a good idea it’s a good way to punish them but for the most part you’d be just as good with the normal hayate although you can also use this technique to walk ie lk~hayate~anykick but still it’s whatever to me =)

: / very little if any other than kara an EX with LK to make sure it’ll hit someone blocking full screen away as if they hold back you’ll end up whiffing by a small bit.

Karaing MK with a hayate allows you to hit a LP hayate on Ken, not sure how practical it is as i’ve heard the timing is hard. I’ll have to try it out some time.

I just found one

after a jump straight up tsurugi launches them, they’ll usually be just a bit too far for hp hayate. so do lk kara hp hayate instead. better chances of reaching them

i wouldnt do it on ken cause it is stupid hard, but i find it alot easier to land on ryu or akuma, akuma i dont even think needs the kara

you sir are correct.

i do it to everyone whether it works or not… also i heard you can do kara c.RH to dudley although i’d like to see footage haha