Kara-Hayate Cancel

Hello dojo Rindokan :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it has already be found but i have come across this kara hayate cancel by wondering if the f+lk could help to kara the hayate cancel. It can be fun in match :slight_smile:

As the motion QCF ends by forward + k so the forward kick for the kara is done in the motion.

It works with the hayate cancel mp and hp not the lp, giving the known karathrow.

Motion : QCF + lk then mp or hp like a reversed plink , so plink lp with mp or hp afterward.

It works too with mk instead of lk

The video :

just a minute it is uploading :slight_smile:

If it has already be found on previous post ( i’ll suppose ) just tell me.

Kara hayate cancel are pretty old tech. They mostly look pretty fancy and are a decent advanced way to move forward.

Yep i was sure about that lol it can be fun to move forward your opponent and gain some range.

So there’s no use i upload the video :neutral_face:

3rd strike called,

they said they wanted their tech back


By the way it seems to be so easy to kara throw by doing QCF+LP~LK

Just forward + LK~LP is the kara throw.
For fun you can kara hayate cancel backwards with Foward HK.