Kara in 3S =/= kara in CVS2?

Is Kara canceling a lot more difficult in 3S than CVS2? Cuz in CVS2, I could kara cancel a lot of moves fairly easily and it took me very little tries. In 3S, i don’t think I’ve done a single one and I’ve tried often. Oh and how come only 3S has kara throws and CVS2 does not, even though they both have the kara cancel into special?

because in cvs2 you have to be in range to see your throw (with hp or hk). Which means that you will just get a hp/hk if you’re out of range, which means you cant kara your throw, in 3s on the other hand, lp+lk can be used anywhere, so you can kara it =)

Ohh okay. So what about just kara canceling uppercuts? How come it’s so much more difficult to kara srk in 3S than CVS2?

Kara window is probably a lot smaller in 3S? All I know is that it’s tight in 3S, like, it’s a bitch to cancel crouching moves into standing specials.

On the other hand, you have games like ST, where you can kara easily.

Obot64 has a vid on his site on kara shoryuken in CvS2. http://www.obot64.com/ 3s kara cancels are about 3 frame windows(look at thingboy bebop’s tutorial vid).