Kara karakusa on a tech roll

GENERALLY i try to only use this technique on anyone who doesn’t have an uppercut (IE everyone aside from shoto’s and rare occasion dudley) i’ve noticed it’s effectiveness against urien and the twins(yun&yang) the most but who else is this a safe tactic to use against and when is it NOT safe to do can you still be poked out of your karakusa and can they still jump out of karakusa range if they tech roll?

Yea you can mash/poke out of karakusa or least from my experience. Yea you can jump out of karakusa after they quick rise. Basically that setup works because most people don’t anticipate the karakarakusa, making it look like they can’t jump.

You shouldn’t think of karakarakusa on shoto’s as dangerous and not worth it. Shoto’s can uppercut you whatever move you have anyways, you just have to be more cautious how you use it. As for dudley, it can be difficult since he has the BSB. If you can implement karakarakusa, you make mindgames 10 times more effective. You don’t have to take my word for it cause J seems to be the master of all karakarakusa setups.

yeah, like 2hai said you can be poked and jump away from a kara karakusa. mixing it up is all what it’s about. try kara karakusaing without them techrolling, walk back a bit and you have 3 options: cr. fierce, kara karakusa, and kara oroshi.

If Karakusa can grab at ‘anyone’ doing (even) S.A. … you can catch Ken’ Lp SRK on Wake up. ^^U

Grabbing Kens Lp SRK… I wish that was possible, well maybe not cause than she’d be too powerful =0.

Well, if you time it well enough, you can karakusa people during certain supers that are vulnerable. I’ve grabbed people out of Ken’s super before. I’m not sure what else, since I rarely play people who just randomly throw out a super. I remember there was a combo video where in the middle, it shows Makoto grabbing Ken, Yang, and Yun out of some supers and specials.

Karakusa can grab specials/supers/pokes assuming the s/s/p is; A) can be thrown, and B)they are not in a transitional state which would render them momentarily unknowable (ie the 5 frames or so of throw invulnerability waking up, etc)

You have alot more options then that at that range (ie inside of you rh karakusa range outside of their throw range)

1)you have straight meaty karakusa,
2)standing strong looking for hit confirm into hayate/super
3)s.strong as tick and dash in behind or as tick/spacer for karakara.
4)You can also throw it out as a “fake” meaty and go straight/option select parry to karakusa/whatever.


Thats at least another four options you can do at that range which you can mix in with the three you mentioned to give them more potential looks to deal with and harder to predict.

I grabbed Lp SRK on Wake up of Gouki… i think if you wanna grab Ken, you must think to do the Kara in his “reversal” time cause you must ‘enter’ in his SRK (not Reversal) when he is on 1 to 3 frames before the hit comes and when he does the SRK the 5 ?? (i belibed it’s around 3 frames ^^U) Throw frames of invulneravility are lost.

it’s fun grabbing dudley’s cause you hear him say “uppercut!” but all you see is him getting raped.