Kara moves and frames

Is there a fixed number of frames that every kara canceled move uses before the next move comes out, or does it differ based on the move being kara canceled?

Example: Ken’s kara throw. Looks like it adds one extra frame from the f+mk before the 3 frame throw comes out. But with Akuma’s f+mp kara demon, it looks like there are at least 2 frames of the f+mp before the demon comes out.

Am I just seeing things, or is there really a difference?


In the game there is a list of priorities and when you kara cancel like a normal into a throw you get 1 frame (I think it’s up to 3 which is what I’ve heard but I’ve never got a kara throw without seeing the plink in training mode). Now akuma’s demons have a special property and that is you can cancel any grounded normal into either his U1 or super during either the startup, active frames or even recovery.

Also some moves have a special kinda of kara which can cancel into specials/supers such as Sagat’s f+lk and f+hk, Honda’s d/f+hk and Viper’s standing hp. These moves can roughly be kara’d the whole startup and I think maybe the first active frame.

thanks for the great reply! makes sense

@mason, nice explanation
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