Kara Palm set up

Im not sure if this is new or not so i’ll post it anyway.

I was trying to figure out a GJ setup so i could kara palm as early as possible saving meter time.
This is what i came up with:

Opponent in corner.

Mk launcher, walk forward a little, cr.mp x SAIII, kara palm till ender!

Now, the bad thing about this is that the mp is a reset so it relies on them not parrying the first kara palm. But to be honest its pretty hard to parry as the first movement of the kara palm usually messes up their timing.
Also the damage isnt as much…Still lots of palms :smiley:

Alternatively you could just go straight into the forward mk combo or whatever you like after the cr.mp.

hopefully this helped in the slightest :lovin:

this is very character specific, and very risky. Also the maximum amount of palms is still 6.

the setups u wanna use are

s.mk > acviate> f+mk> palm> kara palm x 4> ender

123> activate> mp> f+hp> f+mk> ghetto palm> kara palm x 3> ender