Kara Powerbomb Thread (Advanced Move)



Kazuya has now perfected the Kara Powerbomb technique! Congrats.

Example of Kazuya using Kara Powerbomb in real matches:

??III3rd ??? ??? 2010/04/02 part1 ? ???(??)
(First Match against Makoto)

???3rd?110428???, ???3rd?110428??? game-versus on USTREAM. Gaming Entertainment…
(Second round in the match against Yun, around the 1 hour 56 minute 30 second mark.)


Street Fighter 3rd strike: Online edition

SFIII: 3rd Strike - Alex [Kazuya] vs Gouki [Mucchi]



o_O. you mean… kara…
dear god. alex just jumped a tier.

also ive seen him fight mucchi, he is unbelievably strong. the new 3s blood is incredible- though kazuya’s been at it for longer than a lot of these guys now.


Right around the 2 minute mark.

I didn’t notice the kara-power bomb in the other videos and I watched them twice.


well uh I can’t read japanese and I don’t know how to use nico nico. help?


Google: Nico Video Redirector.


Does anyone have the exact inputs for this?


Supposedly: :lp: :hcb: :f: + :hp: ~ :lp:

Source of info is Roshikari, so no idea if this is legit or not.


The initial jab is a tick? It puts you out of range of a lp.powerbomb and the kara puts you back in range?

Edit:I’m totally a SFIII newbie, just starting to train in expectation of 3S:OE, so I know full well I am not an authority on this.

That being said - it seems to me that if you are using lariat for the kara and then ~lp, then a jab powerbomb should come out. I’ve tried inputting :lp: :hcb: :f: + :hp: ~ :lp: with every speed variation and any other permutation I can think of, and I CAN get a powerbomb to come out, but it’s a fierce powerbomb. I’ve also tried :f: + :hp: :hcb: :lp: and got a jab powerbomb to come out. I haven’t been able to do it consistently enough to test if you get the kara lariat or not. I’ll report if I can verify one way or the other.


You have to press :f:+:hp:~:lp: on the 1st frame after the jab is finished.


using the jab is for wimps. I do :f::hp::360::hp: in 2 frames but sometimes i like to do it in 1.5 depends on my mood.


What Roshi wrote is obviously wrong.

Basically, kara input (forward HP here) must be done exactly one frame (like any kara in the game) before any valid PBbomb motion.
It can be either the entire motion (half circle back) or only the shortcut :f: :d: :b:

So, begin PB, input :f: + :hp:, then finish the PB and commit it with any punch button. You can also just use negative edge for this, by just releasing :hp: as PB is a special.

:f: :d: :f: + :hp: , :b: + :lp:
or with classic “entire” motion:
:f: :df: :d: :db: , :f: + :hp:, :b: + :lp:
The :db: is optional, it will work with or without it.

Just keep in mind that the :b: must be done the frame right after you inputted :f: + :hp:


^^ See, that is helpful. Thanks dude.

***Edit: I was able to pull it off by using this input: :f: :df: :d: :db: , :f: + :hp:, :b: + :lp:

The range was just outside Alex’s Kara-throw range.

I’m going to try to record it.


Actually what roshi said works. the input window is quite large. I’ve done it this way and the way you just mentioned ESN. Both work. You can test that input by using roundhouse in place of f fierce. youll notice alex moves backwards and powerbombs.

Feels easier also. Both are pretty useful anyway, the whiff jab is interesting as you can constantly pressure in that range and there’s basically 0% chance they’ll react to a whiff jab kara powerbomb.


****Edit: I’m dumb

:f: :d: :f: + :hp: , :b: + :lp:

^^^ This version is much more consistent. The one below I was able to get out, but after quite a few tries. The way I did the one above was: SRK motion, then very quickly toward and away and HP and LP at the same time.

:f: :df: :d: :db: , :f: + :hp:, :b: + :lp:

This version still works. To each his own.

Could this move Alex to B+ tier?


I don’t get it.
Whiffing LP or not shouldn’t change anything, and to me there is no such thing as f.hp priority over powerbomb.

Any punch will activate a current valid powerbomb motion, as long as alex is of course in “neutral” state (i mean not recoverying from something) and whatever happened before (whiffing lp for example).

So, doing the Roshi’s motion just ends with a standard (no kara) HP powerbomb.
Im not sure to understand why hk should show something useful as it will just change the non kara powerbomb to a non kara spiral DDT.

Test it with any emulator (frame by frame), I’m pretty sure you will end with the same conclusion.

Louis > first should perfectly work. How do you test?


See my previous post, I edited it. I still get Flash Chop out more than I want to, but it feels more consistent.


I don’t get it either but that’s what happens. If you had actually done what I said yourself you’d know you won’t get the ddt. I didn’t think it’d work either but it does. I have no vid capture equipment, I just use Ryu’s stage because the roof makes it easy to gauge whether you move or not.

I tested these both. I know what I’m saying and am looking at it with my own eyes. You didn’t. Go look. From what it looks and feels like it has to do with the end of the jab into the hk. If you don’t time it right you’ll get ddt, if you do you’ll get a hk kara powerbomb.

the forward does override (or whatever you want to say) powerbomb btw. just go try it. Do hcb f + anything, no powerbomb. if you think its timing, ok, just to hcb and leave plenty of space before hitting fierce. you’ll get a powerbomb. that forward breaks the powerbomb chain somehow but it still saves that a powerbomb input happened long enough to count it when kara’d. really bizarre.

Edit: I’m thinking it has to do with the forward being considered a parry. that doesn’t explain why you can use hk to kara the powerbomb and not get ddt but that is what happens. must have to do with timing between when animations start/stop vs inputs because you can vary it and get the ddt or the hk kara powerbomb.


Of course I tested it before posting (as usual, using FBA frame by frame) and it didn’t work. No need to answer me curtly.
We’re here to understand how that shit works, not to fight each other to determine who is right or wrong.

Can you write here your exact inputs?


I’m not sure how to enable exact inputs or training in fba, not sure if it matters which version I’m using or what. I can just use the version ggpo uses if that’s alright.

There must have been a file kicking around to do cheats in fba. I think I tried it one time without success.

I’m just telling you what my inputs are exactly as they feel. I’m doing standing jab, during jab going from forward, df, down, db, back, then doing hk ~ jab. When it’s timed right Alex will scoot back a bit just like if you use hk kara with anything else.

If you can explain or direct me to setting fba up properly I’ll do it. Obviously you know I’m not lying because there’s absolutely no point. From how it sounded I thought maybe you were at work or something and just going by your knowledge thought that can’t work. But it does work, though the inputs may not look exactly like that you can do it and not get ddt.