Kara problem

I’ve been trying to learn Ken’s kara for a long time. Not his kara grab, cause that’s easy (and pointless), but the srk kara… where you can do double srk’s mid screen.

I’m pretty sure that it’s one srk, then hk-(kara)->lp srk, but can someone confirm this for me?

If I’m right, then I’m having a lot of difficulty doing it. If anyone is good at it, can you give me some pointers on how to learn this technique? I’ve been trying to do it for a while now and I can’t even land one.


jab.SRK - d.HK/d.mk (kara) - jab.SRK

“d.HK/d.mk (kara)”

I believe that it’s cr.hk only, never heard anyhting about cr.mk.

its done like this

fwd, dwn, dwn fwd, fwd (srk motion) then hold dwn fwd and then press c.rh\c.mk, lp.

ive never really landed it with mk because i use hk all the time. Ive been told that mk works but i know for a fact that hk works.

if you know how to kara throw the crouching mk to srk cancel is done the same way as a kara throw. I mean that in the way you time the buttons. Its sort of like a piano technique with 2 buttons but a little faster. The piano technique is like drumming your fingers on a table but instead of a table you drum the buttons.

Im using an aracade stick so when i go for a kara srk im using my pinky and index finger to combo it right. its not impossible on a controller just alot harder.

theres no really visual kara confirm. The only real confirm you have is to combo it in. You can do it right and miss the double srk. Learn the double srk timing in the corner then take that timing to midscreen and add the kara to it. Thats exactly how I learned it. If you cant double srk in the corner 90% of the time dont try the kara srk. You want the timing to be automatic so when you go for a double mid screen so you dont have to worry about it. You just wanna really pay attentiion that you do the motion right and drum the buttons right.

I practiced it for like 10mins a day and I got down it down in a week. I knew what a kara was and how to achieve the desired affect. If this is your first time learning a kara, pick akuma and learn his kara throw. Hell grunt before he throws and its hella easy learning his timing. Kara srk is still difficult to land. ive been kara srking for probably a few months and im lucky if i get it 50% of the time.

They way Kenzilla said is plain wrong. A standard dragon punch motion is forward, down, downforward. Appending another forward with a HK will cause Ken to do his axe kick, which causes him to lean backward. Karacancelling that kick means Ken will warp backward instead of forward, which will make it perform even worse then without kara. :arazz:

Alright, first thing you should know is which characters you can kara, which ones you have to and where you have too. Urien is flexible for practice, cool background music, don’t need kara in corner, but does need kara in midscreen… Anyways… set up your kara srk with a conventional method(s.MP/c.MK X LPSRK). Then you no longer need to look at your opponent, since he’ll fall down no matter what. So this is where you watch your own character land, and as soon as he does, his sweep needs to be comming out. 1 or 2 frames after that his srk needs to come out. So what you do is queue up the srk, the strictest motion possible, don’t do crap like f,qcf, just f,d,df.

As soon as you’re done Ken should be landing, now here’s the fun part that will kill your fingers eventually: You’ll have to press buttons in such a way that 1-2 frame window exists and works properly for the karasrk to hit. This I do with holding my fingers in a way where if I slam em down on my stick, the HK always comes before the LP. And I have ALL my other fingers raised(the painfull part) to prevent them from hitting anything they shouldn’t.

This should help you:wink:

it doesnt matter how you srk as long as you hold dwn fwd then kara the c.rh , lp srk. I’ve always done my srk like that and ive had no problems. I can even 360 kara srk because I know the timing for the kara. You can do a shoryuken anyway you want as long as you kara the 2nd one if you want it to hit.

and no putting the fwd in the srk motion will not make ken do an axe kick if your holding dwn fwd. If you read what I wrote I clearly said the last move before the kara would be to hold dwn fwd. This means that the next move is automatically going to be the c.rh if your planning on doing a kara. Theres no way you can get an axe kick if your holding dwn fwd.

Dont quote unless your 100% sure your right

I’ll repeat: a standard dragon punch motion is forward, down, downforwads. You can dance around your country for all I care to perform a dp. f.qcf,df on itself is extra work which is unnecessary, not to mention the execution risk which increases.

:r: :d: :df: :lp: :r: :d: [:df:] :mk: / :hk: x :lp:

Oh, and the difference between MK and HK is one Ken’s foot:P

mk gives less range than HK does, but it works from pointblank distance yea… I started with hk right away, because if you hit c.mk xx lp dp, and youre not sure if you were point blank or not, you can always just kara with hk =)

I just finally pulled off the kara srk not to long ago. I didnt think it was possible since I play 3s on dreamcast, and I heard dreamcast is the worst version of the game because of the timing, so I thought for sure I wouldnt be able to do it, but I guess I was wrong. Even though its quite difficult for me since I just picked up doing it recently. All you need to do is practice at doing it and you should start to get it sooner or later. I can whole heartedly confirm for you that the command is:

:dp: :lp: :dp:(hold):lp:and:hk: :tup:.

As said before, you could switch up HK with MK, but the distance is infact greater with HK.

Wait, so you do the hk AFTER the lp?

No my bad. You press LP and HK at the same time. Your timing has to be godlike though.

When you land from the first shoryuken, you need to have enter the command of the second dragon punch and hold on to down forward. You then drum crouching round house with jab, so you get the range from the sweep and cancel in sufficiant frames.

The timing is actually almost instantanious, one after the other. If you could press the buttons any faster you’d be pressing them at the same time, that’s how tight it is. The only way you’re going to concistantly kara shoryu is with solid practice. I’ve practiced it on and off for maybe 5 months now and I still haven’t got it 100%.

Cenotaph: pressing them at the same time would have the command option select into a karaless shoryuken.


Did you read what he said?

i think he meant that if you press it together, you’ll get out a lp shoryuken without a kara (because a special goes over the input of a normal, so dp+hk+lp will end in an srk, whereas just hk+lp would bring out a hk…)

in the end:

press hk and THEN lp, the c.hk has to be out for like 2-3 frames and then you should press lp *which is about 1/20-1/30th of a second, which is almost like playing piano; RIGHT after eachother =)

sorry for my scrubby english, but i hope the message gets across =)

Didn’t he state here “press LP and HK at the same time.”?

Oh, my bad. I read further back at the point where he said you press them one right after the other and that if it was any closer together then it would be at the same time.