Kara (Red) Focus and others

Was practicing with Oni and wanted to share. The stickied(not anymore?) guide mentioned KKK~MP for Kara Focus, but I found you can also Kara Red Focus using KKK~PPP, and I wasn’t sure if it’s been mentioned before. Excuse the precision of the Kara distances, they’re close imo but not nearly exact; enough to compare his other options against though.

(Approximate distance determined experimentally based on small squares traveled relative to the base move)
Focus Attack:
MK~MP (2.0)
MP~MK (2.0)
fr.HP~MK+MP (2.5)
HK~MK+MP *or *KKK~MP (2.7)
fr.MK~MP (3.0)

Red Focus Attack:
MK~LP+MP (2.0)
MP~LP+MK (2.0)
PPP~KKK (2.5)
KKK~PPP (2.7)
fr.MK~LP+MP *or *fr.MK~PPP (3.0)

fr.HP~Lk+LP (2.8)
fr.MK~LK+LP (3.1)

Raging Demon LP>LP…:
fr.HK+LK>HP *or *fr.HK~LK>HP (10)
fr.MK+LK>HP *or *fr.MK~LK>HP (10.1)

qcf+HK~LP *or *MP (2.9) -HP fireball will make you taunt instead
qcf+MK~LP *or *HP (3.1) -MP fireball will make you FA instead

Included data for Kara MK and MP since those tend to come out when you try to FA anyways. Also included other common Karas for completeness-ish. Distance on Kara Demon varies depending on which frame you kara from, but it looks like fr.MK barely beats fr.HK in terms of range most of the time.

Kara from fr.MK gives the best range for FAs, but I find it a bit harder to execute than KKK~PPP/MP.

I don’t know any interesting RFA applications with Oni, but I figure the Kara should be documented.

That’s really nice, thanks. I have to try the Kara focus, didn’t know that.

Is there anyone who can help me learn how to accomplish this feat? I’ve been trying for a while, but the only Kara thing I have down is the Kara throw because of it’s godly warping of Oni towards his opponent.