Kara scroll glitch

I was messing about with one of my bots and noticed that if Chun (I’ve only tried it with her so far but it should work with everyone) links kara throws together, for some reason the stage will stop scrolling until she is either hit or she stops linking moves that cause movement. :looney:


Could this be useful? I kind of doubt it but I thought you guys might like to know…

wow, thats really funny, but i doubt it will take any use at a real match

Wow, I’ve never seen that.

I doubt it’d be useful though, since who’s gonna try doing consecutive karathrows like that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, nice find

only work with chunli or can be done for example with urien??

I imagine it would work with everyone. Amirite?

Also, what about karas that move characters backwards? Any circumstances where the same applies there?

I just dont understand what your point is, but what i know is that Chun has at last two Karathrow commands and thats one of them so when using Standing Roundhouse is more effective because of grape range no matter if you are stick to your opponent or keeping an exact distance. But when using it with Standing Foward you must keep an exact distance but not together to the opponent because the Standing Foward Kick has two differents ways to hit or Hitboxes. Whatever the term is, this is kind of difficult to me for explaining in English since i speak Spanish. Anyways what im trying to say is Standing Roundhouse Karathrow is the same near or far away from the opponent but not Standing Foward Karathrow because this kick has two different moves in one, when far is a flip kick with just one hit but when near to the opponent is a Standing Kick that hits twice so you can not Kara that last one move. Got it?

It seems that this is a property of the move itself so some kara canceled moves can do the glitch and some can’t…

I could be wrong here but let’s say that Ryu and Chun are at opposite sides of the screen and Chun presses medium kick. This will start moving her forward but let’s also say that Ryu is holding backwards so the screen will scroll along with the forward movement of Chun. Now eventually Chun will start moving backwards to her original position but in order to do this the screen would have to be scrolled back and Ryu’s current position would be dragged along with it… Now it’s just a guess but maybe the developers noticed this and thought it looked like crap, so they added a property to certain moves in order to prevent this.

Some moves that push the character backwards also have this property but it seems even more useless than the normal scroll glitch.

Patriarka, sorry but I don’t understand what you’re trying to tell me there…

Similar behavior can be found when doing a holdable taunt like Necro’s, jumping behind him and pushing him with dashes. Stage stops scrolling until taunt is released. :slight_smile: