Kara shoryken?

I know that you can do two jab srk’s against most characters in the corner, but i’ve been looking through the threads and some mention the kara srk? is there a way to catch someone with 2 srks by kara cancelling srk with short, even if they’re away from the corner and grounded?

never heard of kara shoryu. just a rumor. go away.

Don’t be mean. It’s not a rumor. you kara with sweep or downforward, sweep is easier.

So u can cancel down HK into shoryken LP? Eg, opponent next to u, u do shoryuken LP then c.HK -> Shoryuken LP will connect?
Still kinda new to the game.

You have to cancel within the first few frames of animation for the move (in this case, the crouching HK). Kara works the same for kara throws - just gotta cancel within the first few frames of a normal move.

What Banana said. And don’t shit your pants when you can’t do it the first few times. It’s pretty difficult to do til you get the hang of it.

thx for the tips… there are still some of us that are just getting into the game although it’s been around for some time.

i still shit my pants sometimes…

Sometimes? My friend does it to me without mercy. He wont do it against others, but against me he’ll land it like 4 times. My self esteem goes down a notch everytime. And my stun rises.

im a noob, could u guys tell me what srk or c.HK mean?

paulee’s just kidding around. i’m sure he does it every single time.


srk = abbreviated form of Shoryuken

c. HK = crouching hard/heavy kick, aka, crouching roundhouse

the buttons are labelled as follows:

LP = light punch, aka, jab
MP = medium punch, aka, strong
HP = hard/heavy punch, aka, fierce

LK = light kick, aka, short
MK = medium kick, aka, forward
HK = hard/heavy kick, aka, roundhouse

now the letters that are prefixed to those just mean the character’s position when performing the punches/kicks.

an “s” before the punches/kicks means that the character is standing.

a “c” means that they’re crouching/ducking.

a “j” means that they did the move in the air (jumping).


This kara shit is killing me. I’ve tried time after time and it doesn’t come out. I can combo a c. mk into srk on a grounded opponent but I can’t srk kara-srk.

  1. Does the c. mk/c. hk supposed to connect?
  2. Is this the motion, f,df,d c.hk,df s.lp

can someone make a vid or something with both stick and screen like they do in vf4 trick vids?:stuck_out_tongue: If you want you may do it with one hand too:P

Learn how to kara throw w/ Akuma/Ryu before you learn kara SRKs – that should help people who don’t understand what kara properties are. Kara SRK is basically the same button timing, just a more complex motion.

Kara srk means that you extend the range of the srk. You’re not supposed to see the roundhouse. Well I got this from kara srk from dr.b’s CVS2 vid on kara srk but I think it’s the same thing. Go to dr.B’s site to dl that kara srk tutorial. I think it was like obot64.com or something…google it.

  1. No it doesn’t connect
  2. The motion (at least how I do it) is :dp:+(kara-mk,lp)

What I discovered was that at least for me, I had a higher success rate when I held :df: when I did the kara-srk. The logic behind this is that at least if you missed the kara-srk, you missed it cuz the timing was wrong, not because you accidentally did :r: :qcf: kara-mk, lp. This means you won’t get the kara srk because I guess only crouching mk is kara-able, not standing mk. On a side note, as we all know, :r: :qcf: does a srk and not a fireball, as that is always how it’s been.

miguel… how do you have the patience to actually talk to people who dont spend the time to actually TRY to find out what these things mean by reading FAQs, or previous posts?


kara srk doesn’t exist.

Yes it does, it’s a bit like Akira’s knee in VF, but then in reverse order(HK+LP(Press LP after 1 frame))

Yup, and OJ really didnt do it.