Kara shoryuken help!

I would appreciate any tips at all pertaining to Ken’s kara dp. Should I be using cr. mk or hk? I would especially appreciate detailed description of button presses and timing. Thanks in advance.

Also, I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere, but I didn’t find anything when I searched the forums. Thanks again.

I find cr. mk easier because the buttons are closer.

I also think the c.mk is a lot easier if you’re going for the kara-shoryu.

I hit f, d, mk, df, lp.

is there a difference between the PS2 and Arcade kara-shoryuken?

Low forward would be easier because of finger/button positioning as others have said, but roundhouse gives you more range. There aren’t really any tricks to kara srk’s, just practice.

edit: KingRaoh, I don’t think I’ve noticed anything.

the way I do it is i stop at df, then fwd~jab. so f,d,df+fwd~jab. You can hold df for a bit before you press fwd~jab so you have a bit of a leeway in timing.

I’ve just started toying with this. I can Kara throw alright. I press the buttons almost simultaneously with Ryu and get a short shift before he goes into the throw. I think that’s right? It boosts the range anyhow.

I can’t get the Kara Dragon punch to work though. I tested what I’m doing against the range of normal LP Dragon Punches and I am definitely going further, but it looks as though I’m way off being able to reach most falling characters. Is there anyone that is easier to hit with this? Is the input timing any different to a corner LP Dragon Punch, LP Dragon Punch?

I’m testing on Urien and Ryu.

the trick is to stop at c.hk… you might think you’re doing that, but learn to stop at d/f, and then c.hk~lp

You know I wondered that, I found my self getting them off easily on the arcade, but PS2 is harder. Although I’m putting it on the buttons. The arcade had sanwa’s but I use hori’s which are big and clunky so I know where the difference is coming from.

Yeah medium kick is much easier, but heavy kick has nice range and I find catching it a lot more sturdily than with medium kick.

I’ve asked this a few places but no-one seems to know. Anyone got any thoughts on this?


It’s been a while since I posted that and even now I still find it randomly comes out successfully more when I use that method than it does otherwise. But I still can’t tell.

kinda off topic but kens kara srk is useless. The little extra space it gives you can hardly be called an advantage. Youll spend half the time fucking it up and paying for it against any good player. Even if you do master it, its slower than a regular srk. Youll probably get hit before you get it out.

the only pracitical use it has is the crossup s.mp double srk combo

Why don’t you stop talking bull shit and go drown your self in your own ass? c.mk, srk, srk is one of Ken’s strongest combos and does insane amounts of damage for what it is, especially when compared to shippu. Actually it probably IS Ken’s strongest combo not using supers, that alone makes it more usefull than you even being a member on these boards. :rolleyes:

That’s a really good question, but I don’t have a PS2 to test it out. For what it’s worth though, I learnt how to kara DP on the PS2 version, and I had no problems recreating on the arcade.

i have both and i find them to be identical in terms of kara-srk.

its not bs to do kara-srk. apparently theres not supposed to be any diff. in terms of range between mk and hk but ive always had the impression that on max range mk whiffs, therefor id recommend hk.

and iirc, j.rh > cr.mk > srkx2 is his most damaging combo ^^