Kara Shoryuken

Ryu’s fierce kara shoryuken is beneficial to his game because of its deceptive range. The only problem with it is execution. From what I can see, just like in Ryu’s kara throw, towards+MP gives the greatest range for cancel of a normal move into HP Shoryuken. However, I have trouble pulling it off consistently.

towards+HP used as a cancel for HP shoryuken seems even more difficult, as negative edge probably must be used.
cr. MK and cr. HK work, but just don’t give Ryu the range toward+MP does.

Anyone have any ideas how to execute Ryu’s kara FP, MP, or EX shoryuken?

EDIT: This was tested in sfIII: SI. I found out how to pull it off now, but it won’t help much cause canceling normal moves in 3s is NOWHERE near as lenient. Poor Ryu got screwed in 3s.

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I don’t think it’s possible to kara SRK with f+MP. What would the command even be? If you do the f, qcf method, you’ll get the SRK when you press MP at the end. For the regular method you can’t even get f+MP anywhere in there unless you do f+MP, d, d/f+HP, which sounds very difficult to do.

I also can’t think of a single use for kara SRK with Ryu off the top of my head.

Damn dude, my main character is Ryu in 3s and I’ve been looking for a good use for it… it’s the same as Ken’s btw (crouching roundhouse > kara SRK) actually… I don’t think there is a good use for it… other than a LITTLE bit more range but you can hardly notice it.

f+mp(hold), d, df+fp is the hp kara srk.

it’s actually fairly decent because it will catch some things that a fp just shouldn’t. it’s a solid range increment.

i’d suggest you all practice it a bit because it does have a couple of uses. i’ll try one every now and then when i think it’s necessary.

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uhhhh, nope, it’s pretty much useless & you can just barely see that Ryu gets more range on it… I haven’t tried to do the f+mp kara srk that nothingxs was talking about tho. and I can’t really think of a use for either one of them off the top of my head.

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can anyone actually do ryu’s kara (toward + strong) srk with consistency?

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