"Kara" Skate technique

Hey whatsup guys.

I’ve been using a neat little Rocket Skate trick for my unblockable setups for a while now. I call it Kara Skating. Others have probably figured it out too and it may already have a name, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone else talk about it so maybe not enough people know about it:

Forward Dash > Wild Ripper > Forward Rocket Skates

What you’re doing is adding the horizontal movement of a forward dash and a Wild Ripper to a single Rocket Skate. Think of it like two kara cancels in a row, but a tad bit slower. It moves you nearly full screen faster than any other method I know of, WAY faster than Rocket Skate Wavedashing, Tridashing, or Burrowing.

It also leaves you grounded, allowing you to cancel into Boulder Trap and go for an unblockable. A lot of my Cold Star unblockable setups could be screwed with via pushblocking, and Kara Skating often solves that problem.

There are a lot of ways to input this as long as you do it like two “slow” kara throws in a row. I usually use f.LM, f.H, LS. There are probably better ways to do it that incorporate an initial option-select throw tech, but this really doesn’t get used in situations where a throw tech can happen since it’s usually intended to close the distance… at least by me lol.

Anyway, I hope some of you guys find this helpful and I hope that some of the better players out there can put it to good use =)