Kara super help?

I tried searching the forums and even posted in character specific to no avail… so sorry if this is like me bringing up something old but regardless I can use some help! :slight_smile:

I saw in a few combo vids where Alex does his choke grab (back + fierce when the opponents back is facing you) and immediately after he does his SAII which combos. the timing is really tricky to me so I thought that it’s just me but on this site http://www.freewebs.com/ryus_temple/combos.htm it says:

back+fierce -> kara SA2 with towards+fierce -> etc…

so like… how do I do this kara super :eek: !!!

I also use Q sometimes and the site says like:

jab slaps (qcb+p) -> kara SA2 with back+strong

so I’d like to know how to do that too!! or any other kara super for that matter! :mad:

Im sure knowing how to do these won’t make me that much better at the game (becoz I SUCK!) but still I would like to know how this is done! :stuck_out_tongue:

programmable sticks.

Da, I hate to throw the kibosh on anyone’s dreams, but those though probably legitimate combos would be so bleeding implausible to pull in any sort of match that I’d like to say it’s not worth it.

That being said, you’d just hve to be ungodly fast. Therein lies the problem, you’ll have to pull off the super motion within the first few frames of the kara move, as when you kara-throw. I’ve never seen a human move that fast, even Keanu Reeves.


whaaaaat?!?! for real? thats crazy! :eek:

anyway, I believe the site I got these combos from just put a transcript of another video and posted it on their own page. I guess they dont know what theyre talkin about then. no wonder no one voted for them in the poll thread.

the Alex combo tho… it can be done w/o a programmable stick. I kno coz SlimX did it in his volume 1, and Ive done it too! its jus that I can only get it to work once out of every like 20 times (y’kno… coz I suck like that). I was jus lookin to see if there was an easier way to do it.

yeah, basically that site cut and pasted the combos that I translated and posted on srk a couple of weeks back without even acknowledging where they got it from. i mean, at least say that you got it from a srk thread or something. whatever.

also, yes it is possible to do kara SA2 with towards+fierce with alex but you’re NEVER gonna get it consistently. if you could, then you could probably do kara power bomb with towards+fierce but i’ve never seen anybody do that EVER. so yeah, it is possible, but for these combo videos, it’s probably a programmable stick with rapid fire buttons. ie: crouching jab x 21 with yun in SA3. not gonna happen anytime soon in the arcade.

Gots X-box Live…I’ll show ya some times. I do it plenty times in the acrade and I only use Joy Stick not no rapid fire shit.