Kara super...?

yea, i know im a lil late with this question…i JUST saw mike z’s kara super vid and i cant do it for shit!:wasted:
do the motion have to be VERY FAST? or what…

Does this have practical use? I can’t see a situation when a kara-SA I would be reliable :bluu: perhaps a dash-out on wake up to bait some sort of counter, or being pushed away from a blocked super…

:d: :df: :r: (return to neutral) :lk: :d: :df: :r: + :lp: / :mp: / :hp:

Certain moves and combinations of Makoto’s moves (usualy crouching short and forward) when blocked leave her in a position where she can standing short without hitting the oponent, yet keeping her in range for her karas. You can play a lot of mind games from here by going for the Karakusa, taking a pot shot with the EX Oroshi or even do nothing at all. To be honest though you really need a lot of experience with Makoto to be implimenting kara-SAI. It will have it’s uses, but you’ll have much better results and be much better off over all sticking with standard set-ups untill you can achieve that much manipulation over your matches to land it successfully.

appreciate it demon dash…i seen it done at beggining of matches cathing the opponent off gaurd. i dunno, i just think it looks cool and somthing to learn to impress the ladies.:lovin:

“Oh, you already have a boyfriend? But, can he… do this?”
-machine shakes-
-ha… yayaya… seichusen godanzuki!-