Kara Taunting

If you don’t know, a kara taunt is when you focus attack to absorb a fireball then taunt immediately after it’s been absorbed. I’m personally having a ton of trouble getting this to work, it’s my first hour trying it, and I can get it about 1/25 times if I map my buttons to FA and Taunt, there’s no way in hell I can hit the four buttons required in the time frame required without the binds. Any help?

I’ve tried doing it a couple of ways but both have very little success; the first way is to use your index finger flat across MP+MK then trying to quickly roll it across to HP+HK. The second method is to use your index and middle finger on MP+MK, with your arm parallel to your body, then quickly try to flatten your hand so your fingers fall on the HP+HK buttons.

But as you’ve said it’s easier to do by binding two buttons to FA and Taunt. It’s just like plinking in that aspect, line both fingers up and hit them simultaneously. I think the hardest part is timing it with the fireball, too soon and you’ll release the Focus before it absorbs, too late and you’ll just get hit by the fireball.

Another fun thing to try is doing it with Legendary Taunt, timing is even trickier with that.

I can do it on the stick fine if I take my hand off the stick, which isn’t a big deal, as your probably only doing it from long-range anyhow.

My left hand’s Middle and Index on MP and MK, my right hand’s Middle and Index on HP and HK.

Since I normally play on the keyboard in Vanilla, I have 11 buttons there instead of the usual 8, so I have Throw, Focus and Taunt mapped already for easy plinking, even then, I can just do it normally thanks to how close the buttons are together (I can bust it out with four clawed fingers)

I do this all the time and the reactions are priceless.

I gotta try the 2-handed method :rofl:

I have to say, this is quite entertaining to do in ranked xD

Quite entertaining to do anywhere :tup:

You have a point there :tup: