Kara Throw and Kara Cancelling......are they the same?

I am not an experienced 3rd strike player as you guys can se, but is anybody out there that can clarify this for me?

I will appreciate it. Thanks a lot.


kara throw is a type of kara cancel.

You can kara cancel into throws, special moves, or universal overheads.

The almight has spoken…what ever he says is the truth.

Thanks a lot guys.

I should have asked, “DOes anybody know how to do it?”

Does anybody know how to do Karaca cancel, and Kara throw?

HOw does it work? I play third strike, but I don’t do “fancy” stuff like that. I wanna learn the game in a serious manner. Any help will be appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

Thanks in advance.


you forgot supers and taunts, YOU SEXY PIECE OF ASS

The “kara” concept is simply doing one move (usually a normal) immediately followed by some sort of command move or special. In 3s, you can kara any of the three two-button-press moves (throw, UOH, taunt) as well as any special or super. You hear the most about kara throws because they are the easiest and generally most effective kara move in 3s.

If your character has a normal that moves them forward within the first couple frames, simply press that button, then immediately hit throw. Most people suggest practicing with Akuma and his toward+strong. That move not only gives him a noticeable throw range increase, you can hear him grunt (like he does when you do toward+strong by itself) if done correctly. If you don’t hear the grunt (and don’t see him move forward), you either missed the button or you did it too close to the throw command. If he goes into the toward+strong overhead, you’re not pressing the throw command fast enough.

Simple as that.

Awesome. Thanks man …:smiley: :slight_smile:

kara taunt eh? hmmmm… the possibilities…

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