Kara Throw... Kara demon?

I had a friend back awhile who was able to kara demon on a ps2 controller.

so is it possible to kara throw on pad because im willing to add that to my gameplay even though im a ryu main… but akumas kara throw is the same input for ryu.

thanks :slight_smile:


Yes, it is perfectly possible. I used to do both kara demon and throw on controller all the time.

I can kara demon and kara throw on the pad. The only way I can kara throw is by setting one of the R/L buttons to LP+LK or MP, though. Personally, I set L2 to throw. Still getting used to it, it’s pretty rough for me.

buy a stick you cheap bastards…

>_>; I’ve been playing on stick for years now; just saying that back in the day…

And throw can be done without even setting a throw button. Just think creatively. :slight_smile:

i want third strike

sticks are too annoying to play with. so many times i wanted to throw mine away.

even though some of you can kara throw on pad, i dont think i ever can. one of the downsides of pad users. :frowning:


this is my kara demon on ps3 controller with default controls… not sure if its always a true kara demon but anyways most of the time it works perfectly…


Do you know what exactly is a ‘true’ kara demon?

tell me

The “true” indicates that you buffered the entire motion within f+mp, with nothing such as a dash, divekick or teleport beforehand. It’s kinda difficult on stick, doubt it’s really doable on a pad :confused:

ok that’s what i was saying, how can you confirm that the KD is “true” or not?? what about the one i posted? is it a “true” KD or not?

He did an f+mp though, or did I miss something here? Looks like a kara demon to me.

so in the vid i posted its a TKD right?

What Womble said, f.Mp xx demon and not ’ “de”, f.mp, “mon” ’ (ahah, like this notation)
Btw, it was a real question, i didn’t want to be mean or sarcastic or whatever. I asked cause of the ’ not sure if its always a true kara demon’.

There is no way to be sure of that just by watching the video.
You can have the exact same video using both regular kara demon or TKD.

cool. so the one i did in the vid is a true kd or not lol cuz i dont really understand the ’ “de”, f.mp, “mon” '…
if i understand correctly if the f+mp dosen’t hit your opponent and you do rd really fast it should be a true kd right?

It’s a Kara Demon. You buffed LP, LP during the last frames of the teleport. Then, F+MP(the overhead type move),DF, LK, HP fast enough.
For a True Kara Demon, your input should be like this: LP, LP during the F+MP animation, DF, LK, HP. A player who has mastered TKD can use the kara demon from a stand pose or walking (like Jiro, the famous japanese player).
This is very hard to pull off, though. Most people use the normal kara demon, cause they buff/hide the jabs into anything like the teleport move,dash, the dive kick, any poke(whiffs), etc. Thus, it’s easier and faster to master.

A regular (not true) kara demon is something like:
LP, LP, f.MP, LK, HP
basically, you add MP in the middle of the demon motion ( --> de(mp)mon )
As you need to be near point blank in order to catch opponent with demon, you also need to hide the 2 LPs into something (dash, whiffed move/throw, taunt, whatever you want) or they’ll be hit and will be able to escape to demon due to either hitstun(or blockstun) or the fact they’re pushed too far from you.

With true kara demon, you don’t have to bother with this hide LPs thing:
f.MP xx LP, LP, F, LK, HP
Forward MP has already started when you hit LP, and will hide them. Your only goal is to be lightning fast in order to commit the demon before the f.mp hit.

True kara demon is the ultimate demon setup as it requires…no setup. But, it’s also way harder to do than regular.

For your video, you’re the only one being able to say if it’s a regular demon or a true depending on what motion you’ve inputted.

i understand what ur saying but this is exactly what happened on the vid.

teleport(nothing buffered), f+mp, lp, lp, df, lk, hp.

in my oopinion (based on what u guys are saying) its a true kara demon. i buffer the lp, lp, df, lk, hp in the f+mp so i dont get why it shouldnt be a true kara demon…

btw i use a ps3 controller with default controls