Sorry I’m new at this…I was wondering what’s a Kara-Throw, I see that term a lot for Ken. Can someone tel me what it is, and how to do it?

click and learn. it’s basically an attack cancelled into a throw and some other stuff (read).

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Is there a difference between Kara Cancel Throw…and Air Kara Throw?

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yea, i’d like to know too.

Ken doesn’t actually have a kara throw, although many other characters do.

If you want to practice, try with either Chun Li or Q, since those 2 move forward significantly with their kara throws.

Chun li - mk > throw
Q - back mp > throw

The input is almost done at the same time.

I will warn you that you’ll need either a gaming keyboard, a pad or stick to pull it off. I’m guessing you’re emulating the game and using your keyboard at the moment, so I just though I’d throw that in.

Ken has a kara throw.

But it hardly gives any distance, right?

It’s barely noticeable. Pros probably use it simply because any advantage is welcome, but it’s not really worth using in my opinion.

Twelve has a shit Kara Throw but I use it all the time, for said reason. Any advantage is better than none. Besides, it’s not really difficult or anything, once you practiced it enough it really shouldn’t be a problem.

You know, there are other purposes for kara throws besides gaining throw range.

Well, I know kara command grabs just make it really meaty, I didn’t know the same purpose could be applied to a regular kara throw.

If I’m wrong about anything I’m posting, feel free to tell me why I’m wrong, instead of hinting at answers.

uhhh like what exactly?

Fair enough, I didn’t mean to be so indirect.

I mean this. [media=youtube]15hkcsAKDz8&feature=channel_page[/media]

SGGK, no idea what it stands for but it’s like a parry option select done with kara throw. If they attack in the direction you parry, then the normal used in the kara throw comes out (in this case, close strong and then fierce, double shoryus or whatever) and if they do nothing, you throw them.

You got me on that one, I never even thought about it.

(I play Urien, no SGGK >< )

^^I dont even see whats happening really.

Cant Kara apply to almost anymove like Kens shory and Akumas Raging Demon?

  • SGGK is when you tap down for a low parry, then immediately input a karathrow.

If your character doesn’t do a parry, the karathrow will come out. If you DO low parry, the move you tried to kara off of will come out instead.

Chun is the most effective when using SGGK. Stand next to the opponent, and tap down, then input HK->LP+LK(karathrow). If the opponent doesn’t do anything, then Chun will do her cl.HK karathrow(if Chun yells while throwing then you did it correctly). If the opponent tries to do a low attack, then Chun will parry, but instead of the karathrow, the cl.HK will come out instead, which then you will be able to superjumpcancel into Super.

  • Kara applies to any throw, Leap Attack, special, and Super in the game. The only thing different is range and benefits.

It works with low or high parry.