Kara Throwing

anybody have any tips on the timing for kara throwing? I’ve been really inconsistent and any input on the timing ~ would be appreciated.

Press lp and lk almost immediately after pressing forward and mk (if you’re using ken). Apparently other characters have kara throws, but I don’t think any, other than vega, have really good ones. Go into training mode and just keep practicing, if you are throwing but not kara throwing, wait a little longer before pressing throw. If you’re f.mk comes out, press throw faster. Nobody can really explain timing in a fighting game, it has to be felt by the player.

I’m actually doing zangief, sagat, ryu, & ken karas

almost everybody has one, but not too many have a good range advantage by doing it

meh; well i’ll keep practicing :-D…heres my sexy stick :smiley:


I wrote a post on how to time kara throws consistently…thank god you have a stick.


stick is fairly easy. position your fingers so that you hit jab, short, and forward at the same time. now hold this position and tilt your hand clockwise so that the finger hitting mk is closer to the buttons, but tilt it ever so little. and then press all the listed keys… your mk should be pressed first still.

Pad users can hit HK instead of MK, its the positioning of buttons that make hitting mk.

I’m also assuming you’re using Ken, since he has the most notable kara cancel

There was some weird japanese video about vega where I swear during the end he was trying to show that using a standard saturn controller you could have your kara work perfectly because of the height of your buttons. That would kind of be a trick wouldn’t it? Just have the button you are kara canceling raised a hair.

thanks mariodood…the method of finger space from buttons is something I had been trying that seemed to work; now to perfect it.

thanks everyone else for your replies :-D…guess I should have searched a bit more meh -_-

As a side note, why don’t you post up that FS3 of yours into this thread
"Check Out My New Arcade Stick!"
I’d like to see more FS3s posted there. :tup: