Kara throws?

Lol i’m gonna get dissed SO MUCH but wtf is a kara?

Kara Cancel is japanese for empty cancel.

Kara canceling is 3S is a glitch that allows you cancel a normal into a specail. It’s used in competitive play to extend the reach of some specails.

The timing is strict however, so it takes a little practice to pull off consistantly. (if you’ve ever used the roll cancel in CvS2, you should know what I mean.)

Kara throws you say? Well, in 3S, throws are considered specails in gameplay, so throws can be kara canceled from normals. Again, it’s used to boost the range of a throw, so you have to cancel it from a normal that moves your character foward a little.

Here’s a list of normals that can be used for Kara throws:

Makato: LK
Ibuki: MK
Q: <+MP
Akuma: >+MP
Ryu: >+MP
Sean:> HP
Chun Li: Mk
Alex: >+MP
Dudley: > + LK
Yun: LK
Yang: HK
Remy: MP,HK
Hugo: MK
Elena: >+ MK
Twelve: MP

IMO, the best way to practice it is to do Akuma’s. You’ll know that you’ve done it because he’ll do the grunt that he does during >+ MP, but throw instead.

If you want a visual explination, go register at Combovideos.com ad watch ThongboyBebop’s 3S torturail vid. It’s a great watch, and I’d really reccomend it to anyone who’s new to 3S.

Josh - I’m gonna diss you SO MUCH :arazz:

For Alex, towards+strong is better than towards+fierce?


Oro’s is just as easily seen as Akuma’s. The only problem may be that you have to move your firngers a bit for mk. Like I was playing one of my friends and I didn’t know Oro’s kara so I just tried mp,twd+mp,hp,mk,hk and I could def see that it was mk by how far he moved.

Thanks naz, thanks a lot! Say HI to kaworu for me :slight_smile:

But back on tiopic, is LP, QCF+HP a kara? (that’s Ibuki BTW)

I can never do karas, what’s the timing? Like almost instantaneously after you do the normal you hit throw?

Downloads seem to be down at the moment.

I’ve done 2 midscreen Shoryukens on Necro. Was that Kara, or is he abnormally large? Hitbox wise. 'Cause I never managed to do it even once on any any other characters. But I pulled it off at least 3 times on Necro.

Karas are pretty tricky, but don’t allow it to be overexaggerated. When I was learning how to kara, I was always told that if I didn’t see it come out that means I wasn’t cancelling fast enough, but it’s far from true IMO, and if I had knew otherwise I think I would’ve picked it up faster. Yes, it is a quick cancel, but you still have to balance too fast from too slow; if you cancel too soon then your character won’t move at all, and cancelling too soon is much more frequent than cancelling too late.

What I do to kara is “roll” my fingers, similarly to piano-ing or drumming supers. Usually, it should be at the speed where the button clicks are as close together as possible, but still distinctly audiable (e.g. it doesn’t sound like a single click). You can practice the drum on any surface like a desk, and maybe you’ll see what I mean.

Also, it should be noted that since kara cancels have a “range” of being cancelled, the later in that frame of time you cancel, the further you move, so once you are able to kara consistently, you should learn how to master getting the most range out of the kara as possible, by cancelling as late as possible.

Necro can be hit midscreen with two shoryus, no kara needed. timing is a lil stricter than like midscreen Q or cornered shotos tho.

parry the av is sick :lol:.

Whoo, I’m starting to do kara’s now. Tough on a pad but its working.

brilliantnaoki’s advice did it for me. Its ALMOST simutaneous, but just not. So close together that you can only feel the timing difference at the tips of your fingers.

For default PS2 pads I find it really easy to kara HK or HP. But it’s really hard to kara MK. Chun-Li’s close HK is probably the most obvious example because she has that annoying scream. But I just push the shoulder trigger at almost the same time as the throw input and it works like a charm.

On my Saturn PS2 pad it’s really easy to kara. About as easy as it is to kara on a stick. (lol, kara-on-a-stick) I love my Saturn PS2 pad. <3

Only trick I know for kara-canceling is just to treat it as if you were pianoing. Tho pad players might not understand that if they play with their thumbs.

whats ken’s kara throw?

i noticed its not listed in the post above or in the street fighter guide by mopreme.

i’m assuming its either hk or mk, but they move him by such a miniscule amount when kara’d!

Kara timing is the same timing you naturally use when drumming your fingers in boredom. And for Q, while the kara cancel for the most throw range is indeed back + strong, neutral standing strong (or toward strong, for the toward throw) is an important kara cancel too because it keeps the opponent in front of you. Ken’s karathrow isn’t important because it doesn’t give him enough range to make it worth the extra few frames and chance of messing up required to do a karathrow. The kara cancel into normal throw is only important for a few characters, most notably Q, Chun, Elena, Alex, and Akuma, and to a lesser extent Ryu, Oro, and Remy. Yun and Makoto use kara canceling too, but for different reasons and in different ways.

And it isn’t really a glitch, it’s intentionally placed in the game. I know it’s in the SF2 and Alpha games, and it’s probably in most fighting games in one form or another. The reason to have it is to make input windows for command moves (not just special attacks, but any command move) easier. I mean, imagine a game where the input window for a special attack was just 1 frame after doing the joystick motion; the game would be prohibitively difficult for anyone not dedicated to practicing to do special attacks. In fact, does anyone know if Capcom did that for SF1? Special moves are so strict in that game that I wouldn’t be surprised. You need to have a window of at least a few frames so that people can actually play the game. That window makes it so that you can press the desired button a little before or a little after the joystick command, if any, is completed, but it also makes it so that you can press a button without a command and go into a command move immediately after, that is, so that you can do a kara cancel. The fact that some kara cancels move characters forward is surely unintentional, but the window that allows the kara cancel is an intentional feature.

I wouldn’t say it’s intentional; of course the input is intentionally lenient, but if they had expected karas, then all they had to do was store the character position in a variable and wait until the timing window is done; if the move is cancelled, execute the move from the stored position. A glitch is behaviour that the programmer’s don’t expect through lack of or faulty code, which I think karang would fall under.

Wow, I found this post really useful. Many thanks! :tup:

i have a very hard question
can you kara cancel all moves for example necro jab tornado hook ??
i post this question because i tested vs a lot of chars you can
(you conered)jab snake fang> jab tornado hook etc this work vs dudley , elena hugo
but vs 12 jab tornado hook whiff very near of oponent if you can “kara jab tornado hook” i think this comboing work and add a lot of damage
(kara shoryuken style)
i try a lot of times “kara jab tornado hook vs 12” but mi timing suck
please helpme

I got nothing for the timing, but yes, you can kara cancel any normal into any command move, including all specials, supers, throws, universal overheads, taunts, and cetera.