Kara Total Destruction

You can actually kara this from a dash punch, very effective.
Better yet, if close enough when they do hadouken, activate Super Art and the hadouken will go through you if timed right. Then you get a free Total Destruction.


There is a lot to question here. This is something I will need videos for before I believe it.

You can even do it yourself if you are a Q player. Just start the super, dash punch, cancel into DAGEKI.

Nice Roshihikari, Something usefull!

unless obviously this doesn’t work.

doing it to go through fireballs seems possible, but to get a guaranteed destruction you’d have to be quite close and very quick to have enough time, and then sa1 is still a better alternative were you much easier can do it on reaction and on further ranges.

kara from a dashpunch?

Just tested even if i already knew the result: not possible (as far as i understand what you try to describe)…
Maybe you talk about

Anyway, anything from a dash punch would not be a kara but a cancel (kara are cancels but off normal/special moves)…

I might have to try this…

If you’re talking about a “free” total destruction, it’s probably another glitch, similar to the very last combo in the video. It’s not a kara though.


Another glitch I found with Q(only works on hugo): lk c&db > semi-late ex dash punch(only possible way to land it at all)

If timed correctly, Q will drag Hugo across the entire screen with him before bouncing him off the wall, where you can finish the juggle. Can be useful if you prefer the faster delivery from lk c&db over hk.

This man knows what he is talking about.

that happens pretty much 100% of the time with mk c@db > ex dashpunch

you can even partition or whatever the fuk and finish it off with a 2nd ex dashpunch.

btw this setup doesnt sound like a cancel at all it just sounds like dashpuch xx activate and explosion instead of your 2nd dash punch, that your garaunteed every time.

Could someone just delete all of Roshihikari’s threads?

Well one thing that does work once you’ve activated the SA3 is if you can pressure Ken into doing his SA3, if you time the qcf & punch version of Q’s SA3 just right as Ken begins the his super art, you cancel out his super, blowing him away and you still keep your SA3 for a second attack. There is no recoil from this and you just stand in the same spot as if nothing happened. Kind of like that Necro magnetic storm glitch that Q with SA3 can perform.

The chances of you being in that situation are slim and again, you’d have to be playing someone extremely desperate to get away from you. So basically, it’s a glitch but hey, it’s better than nothing. My advice is to just work on Q’s “normal” attacks.:wgrin:

The only real use I found for SA3 is in Q mirror because it’s harder for him to safely get away from it, and he doesn’t have much to punish it with. Even then, you’re probably better off with SA1.