Kara TS different uses?

What’s up people?
I’m completely new to Sagat after just picking him up yesterday and I’ve been trying to get his kara TS down. Just wondering, with the two different input variations, if there’s any beneficial factors of either? For instance, if one is better for spacing etc?

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The version where you shoot without another shot on the screen can be good to get nailed down cause it can catch many off guard as it’s not seen often.Especially good to chip someone out.As far as spacing it doesn’t make any difference afaik.
The difference of spacing occurs as to weather you perform the lk or the hk stepkick to kara.

I use fwd hk kara lk ts from around full screen from time to time to try and get them jump forward. if so I kara ex tu.

there is not much use for the lk kara. any difference in speed or distance can be made up by using different strength fireballs. that being said kara hk is the fastest and generally the must useful.

try them out tho and see what you like

There is actully use for the lk version.
U can only kara the HK version with Option Select.The LK you can OS AND without another shot on the screen.
Ive seen Sanford use this from time to time.

If your opponent gets used to your zoning throw a few of those in and they’ll think twice. It’s also not bad for gaining a little space and disrupting rhythm. I think they are fun as hell too.

I heard you could make peanut butter sandwiches with it.

Just curious what motion you guys prefer to do kara TS

Sagat technology

I learned something watching Leslie’s Kara tiger shot game.

It’s very important to know what range ur opponent is @ and which heavy tiger shot ure using.
And it’s good to know u can only have 1 ts on screen at a time.

Note: use the f+HK for karas, less recovery and straight to the point.
The Asian players always double tap.
Up to ur style.

I’ll simplify it for everyone.

Full screen, 90% screen.
Opponent crouching.
Initial tiger shot should be the FIERCE high tiger shot. (tiger shot completely whiffs)
Then kara is in effect after the initial ts is out of screen.

Full screen, 90% screen.
Oppenent jumps.
Initial tiger shot should be the FIERCE high/low tiger shot. (tiger shot completely whiffs)
Then kara is in effect after the initial ts is out of screen.

Full screen.
Opponent guards.
Initial tiger shot should be the STRONG high/low tiger shot. (tiger shot hit on block stun)
The kara is in effect after the initial ts is dissipated from guard.

2/3 screen.
Opponent guards.
Initial tiger shot should be the LIGHT high/low tiger shot. (tiger shot hit on block stun)
The kara is in effect after the initial ts is dissipated from guard.

How I apply my Kara ts game.

When spamming fierce tiger shots full screen, u should react if the opponent completely avoids the tiger shot.
So u know of kara is in effect. I’ve been getting good at this now and it’s really fancy and fun. It improves ur Kara option select game.

After a throw, from wake up, I always use the strong tiger shot as a meaty hit to set up for the Kara’s.
It’s hard to usually use on normal moving opponents who don’t sit in the full screen corner eating strong ts.

When u have an opponent in the corner, and ure ranged 2/3 screen and u wanna push ts offensively.
Shoot a light ts.


@ 5:14


Kara tiger shot full screen 100% distance with initial fierce tiger shot must be done much later than 90% screen distance.
Late as possible, it’s much more difficult.

If 90-85% distance, it’s much much easier to Kara tiger shot with an initial fierce.

One thing i learned, when opponent will jump over initial fierce tiger shot towards u, it’s much easier cause they close in the screen. I’ve been sneaking in low Kara tiger shots against akuma air fireballs. It’s pretty sweet.

Bored today so i uploaded some shit.

Sf4 life. Peace.





^ got a question when you say Asian players double how exactlydo they double tap the kara ts, i tried and i cant get them to come out however when i do single presses they work…

If you do a single and it works then a double should be the same. Unless you mess up the timing it shouldn’t matter because the inputs are one after another. For example look at Sagat’s fake roundhouse kick. If you mash the hk button, most of the time you’ll get a standing roundhouse because the inputs weren’t close enough. If you double tap hk you can get fake roundhouse consistently. If you use the same timing for the fake roundhouse as doing a kara ts then you should have no problems.

Gonna have to hit the lab a bit more till i get it down, thanks homeless

Watching the vid of mago train with sagat in v 2012.

I can say he’s quite awesome.

He zones nearly full screen with alot low strong tiger shots.

For awhile, I used Kara’s mostly off of fierce whiffs tiger shots.
But thinking about it, using sufficient strong tiger shots r more proper.

For example even if opponent jumps back to eat a low strong tiger shot on block or hit, can be confirmed into kara to gain more ground.

Strong tiger shots r slower, but it seem to be better to time or think of ur follow up counter or zone.
Because its slower than fierce, gives ur slight more time to react and decide with kara uppercut, or follow up tiger shot, or kara tiger knee, etc.

It’s whatever ur style is, I plan to try to adapt mago’s style and see what I can learn lmao.
No, I’m not mago. I just want his technology lol.

Ps. I rarely or never see mago ever shoot tiger less than 70% range.

Gotta agree with ya there bboysanstrom, I’m still trying to work out what hes buffering in that vid every time he does a ts, because its like he hits 4 buttons or something unfortunately in the vid its hard to see whats happening.

But his TS game is really really slick, reminds me of ( different game ) YAYA back on turbo i would embed some yaya vids but I have no clue how to do it here any sagat new or old can appericiate YAYA’s gameplay.

yes, mago is just bufferin and double tappin like crazy.
they got pretty good technique for consistent accuracy.
but we’re human right, we all can make mistakes like musicians.

but yeah, its just a idea that i should experiment in my game.
i was thinking today, just like match up specific and certain scenario of the fight.

i’ll spam fuckin slow fireballs with dudes with huge hitbox and with slow jump speed like gief.
take my time to react to his action.
spam fierce tiger shots to push him to the corner.

so kara comes in effect in different ways of how you’re zoning with tiger shots.
karas with fierce and strong are very different styles.

but to apply strong tiger shots against juri or adon? i dunno, maybe.
their air game is too slick for low strong fireballs.

i’ll be in the lab for abit and smokin some weezy while sparring with my crew.
pho sho i’ll take notes. :smiley:
not anytme soon though, unlike the professionals. i work full time and its really fucking busy.

nothing special, but i was kinda surprised today, to find out u CAN kara RH without another shot on the screen!!!
To my knowledge that was regarded to be not possible.
It came out accidently while i was mashing somtn in training mode.I dont think its very useful cause the timing is prob ridiculously tight but its possible…

This sounds legit.

Vids or it didnt happen.