Kara Universal Overhead?

What’s up Peeps!! Don’t know if this has been brought up or not, but I checked the Wiki and it had no info on it just the plain Universal OverHead. I’ve been playing Twelve for awhile now trying to perfect my game with him when I stumbled across this pretty neat feature. If you press his s.MP then quickly press MP+MK you will get a further reach with his Universal OverHead then you would if you would just press it alone. Don’t know if this has any significants, but thought any info could be useful. I also believe this method applies to everyone that does’t use forward in their kara throw (i.e. Akuma, Ryu).

It has significance for me. It messes up my spacing for UOH SAI. :sad: I’ll have to try doing UOH by drumming forward to strong. I suppose it could be used another long range poke that could go over low attacks.

I perform the kara UOH slightly differently. I don’t use mp twice, I just press mp slightly before mk, works for me.

must be negative edging then



Twelve can also make use of fk (fierce kick/roundhouse) as a useful kara for UOH. Sometimes backwards is as important as forwards (ask a Makoto player…).