Kara-UOH and SA-art flash cutting out motion imputs


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Do any of you guys do it? Everyone can do kara-throws, and kara-taunts are funny, but i don’t think i’ve seen anything on kara-UOH’s. They are possible, right? If so, yea, they would make Ken/Chun even more powerful, and ppl with crap UOH’s, like Urien, would have a benifit.

SA-art cutting out your motion imputs.

This happens to me, and it’s really really damn annoying. It mostly happens when I play my brother on DC, because we both kinda anticipate each other by now. It bothers me esp in a Urien vs Ryu match (me= Ryu, my bro = Urien) where he does a 45 degree aegis 1/4 of a second earlier than I do a motion for a DP. Because of that, his SA comes out, but the game only registers me a doing a toward and down motion. Because of the super freeze, my motion is “lost” and I’m stuck in the corner with a 45 degree aegis breathing down my throat. I guess this could be useful, but you’d have to be lucky/anticipatory.



i only know of 2 characters who use kara-UOHs. Chun-Li and Q. i’m sure everyone can pretty much do these, but some of the kara commands kinda make doing a kara-UOH not worth doing. Chun’s and Q’s kara commands only require a tap of a button, and it’s one of the middle buttons at that. the other chracters, on the other hand, either have a directional input required, or it’s not the same button or both, which kinda makes it more difficult.

you mentioned Ken, and i think Ken’s best kara starter is back + forward kick. Ken doesn’t even kara throw :D, so i doubt he’d wanna hafta kara-UOH. Q gets a lot of range when kara throwing, so his kara-UOH benefits accordingly. same with Chun. that b!tch.


oro can kara overhead too.


remy can off of standing strong.


EX Aegis comes out in 1 frame, so your uppercut would hit the Aegis and lose anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: