Kara UOH

Thought this was impractical till I gave it some practice. Turns out it’s not too hard to pull off consistantly and it gives Gouki’s UOH more range than his far FP, and more range than his cr HK against standing opponants, but just slightly less than his cr HK vs crouching opponants.

The command is: forward mp, (forward ends), ~ mk

(Gouki makes his famous grunt and gains retarded range on his UOH)

The input is really alkward but I found a few ways which can help make this a little easier:

You can hold forward and release it, while hitting both mp and mk at the same time. If timed right the UOH will be kara’ed because the 3S engine will always register the puch button before the kick when pressed at the same time, (this is why you get low jab with a crouch tech) and this causes the F mp to come out just before the UOH cancels it.

Another method is to tap forward and drum mp right before the mk at the right time after the forward tap so that it registers the mp as forward and the mk as standing, (this is similar to Chuns Kara UOH, just with the added input of the forward). This method is slightly more accurate but requires more finesse when learning.

Now before I get 10,000 posts about how this move is impractical due to its difficulty I ask that you PLEASE TRY IT in training mode for 15-30 min. Just use your normal methods for getting down the timing for your kara’s and you will be suprised with how consistantly you can do this. It’s not a game breaking move at all but it can really help you get in on the more footsies oriented characters like Ken and Chun as it is excellent for flying over low pokes. Just don’t try to link into SA1, because that my friends is impractical.

Safety note: Try to make it with your input so that if you mess up you get a normal UOH instead of a command overhead because the UOH is slightly harder for your opponant to wiff punish.

[[{{((!!!BONUS TACTIC!!!))}}]]

Against Ken: Knock him down with a crossup air tatsu then on landing immediately dash towards him and do a MK demon flip ASAP after the dash. Empty cancel the demon flip with a kick to land. If Ken quick rolled you will have landed right behind him as he stands up and can hit him from behind with a close MK xx SA1.
(Fake out: simply cancel the demon flip slightly early with a dive kick and you will land infront of Ken as he gets up from a quick roll; use this when your opponant learns to block the right way.)

Wow, got it after a few tries. It is definitely beasty far, but to get it consistent could be a bitch. Timing is pretty tight.

Kara UOH -> SA1 is ok. Hard to pull out but definitely useful i think, at least same as classic UOH --> SA1…

You’re definitely right, kara UOH xx SA1 is incredibly non-practical. It’s great for getting some extra range out of it and getting in over low pokes sometimes, though.

As for your bonus tactic, just want to mention that can also do that after any connected shoryuken or super, but that was already known.