Karacancel ranges

Taken from a Japanese message board, these numbers are the pixels added to moves when they are karacancelled.

Link: http://game10.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/gamefight/1124985271/

far standing Forward: 32

back+Strong: 34
neutral Strong: 25

far standing Strong: 21
far standing Roundhouse: 27

standing Short: 8
ducking Jab: 16
toward+Fierce: 16

toward+Strong: 16
ducking Forward/Roundhouse: 13

neutral standing Forward/Roundhouse: 8
back+Forward: 10
ducking Forward/Roundhouse: 13

standing Short: 10

standing Short: 10
standing Roundhouse: 13

toward+Jab: 12
toward+Strong: 12

far standing Roundhouse: 8
far standing Fierce: 12
ducking Forward/Roundhouse: 13
toward+Fierce: 14

neutral standing Strong: 12
toward+Forward: 28

standing Roundhouse: 14
far standing Forward: 28
close standing Forward: 10
far standing Strong: 10

toward+Strong: 20
ducking Forward/Roundhouse: 13

neutral standing Strong: 6
back+Forward: 4
back+Roundhouse: 8

neutral standing Forward: 4

That’s all it mentions. Nothing about Urien/Hugo/12/Makoto.

EDIT: BTW, watch out for that large ASCII penis in the link. Just scroll down…

Q has the biggest karathrow? :0

i thought akuma and ryu had the same range

DooM: Actually, they’re the same. Chun’s normal throw range is 26 pixels and Q’s is 24. 26+32=24+34=58.

loco: That’s what I thought. Turns out Akuma’s is much better.

I always thought alex’s kara was top-teir :frowning:

haha forgot about those normal numbers, do you have those listed somewhere too? Could you post it if you have them =)


Non-kara throw ranges:

Hugo: 32
Alex: 30
Gill: 28
Urien/Necro/Chun-Li: 26
Oro: 25
Ryu/Ken/Akuma/Q/Remy: 24
Elena/Twelve: 22
Dudley/Sean/Makoto: 20
Yun/Yang: 18
Ibuki: 16

I always felt that Akuma’s kara throw was better than Ryu’s but I thought I’d be labeled as insane if I said so. Seriously!

Thanks for the info Jinrai.

Fixed it for you. That being said… thanks for the info. It’s good to know that Remy’s Kara-Throw really is pretty good (well, not top tier, but solid).

That being said, does the frame you kara-cancel determine the range too? Like, if you cancel on the very first frame, will you have less range than if you cancel a few frame later (when the limb is more extended)?

Haha, to think I have a 4-year Math degree and made that mistake! I must have slipped a key. Thanks Yuk.

Whether or not the frame you cancel on affects the range, I think we can assume that the numbers are probably the maximum range.

good thread!

actually some of these numbers are just wrong. But indeed it’s a good thread.

Q’s b+mp kara cannot be longer than Elena’s f+mk kara. Her kara is the longest in the game. 2nd longest would most likely be Remy.

Paulee and I have tested this in the hotel room after four minutes of hot sex. Yes, that’s right. 4 minutes. We had sex twice.

but seriously, we tested it 2 years ago.

I agree. I think they messed up with Elena since she costantly changes her position in her stance, but her’s is definitely the longest one.
I always felt Q’s to be longer than Chun’s (I mean the total…), but I can believe that.

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So i’m new. How is this useful?

ryu’s may not be the best range, but it is the best cuz you all fear cr. mk xx denjin!

It’s useful if you use one of the characters that have a good added range in kara throwing (20+).

For those chars, kara throwing is essential in high play. JR’s Akuma and Amir’s Chun are the two people who i’ve seen in person use their kara throws for an advantage.

However, for the chars I use (Dudley and Ken), their Kara’s are crap. But oh well.

I would say that any standing kara greater than 12 or so is worth using. Oro’s Roundhouse karathrow isn’t Chun-level bullshit, but I know for a fact that it’s long enough to be worth using.

tick throws, tick throw fakes, mind games.

Well his forward one is 28 frames. It’s close.

Dudley’s 12 frames don’t do enough at all. His regular throw isn’t that far to begin with.