Karacancel ranges

Oro’s 28-pixel kara is FAR forward. There’s about a 5 or so pixel leeway to land it. If you’re too close, you’ll get the close forward kara and whiff. Roundhouse is far more reliable and is what high-level players I’ve seen use. There is the occasional far forward karathrow setup, but it doesn’t happen as often as, say, Chun’s.

haha nice seeing the numbers, u could tell roundhouse kara throw was a big range for remy. i didnt know how much tho so its nice seeing the difference compared to others.

Twelve’s kara throw doesnt work. Its standing MP. The thing is that standing MP changes when you get close to people.:rofl: Poor Twelve.

well you gotta be close to throw…and they mean his close st.MP is his kara.

Right I’m just saying it wont work for his throw. It works for his UOH though.


what about Chun’s far standing forward? i don’t play Chun, but does that turn into a close standing forward if she’s too close (is there 5 pixel leeway like Oro’s far forward kara?)?

Are all these values assuming the normals were all canceled on the same frame? I really doubt that, and would definitely explain some of the discrepancies we’re seeing. For Dudley, t.MP looks good (enough to use) from what you listed, but in practice, isn’t as good as it should be. I think the numbers listed are max range you can get, but in practice, certain moves are gonna vary a lot depending on exactly what frame you get the cancel on.

I don’t think there is much room for cancelling on different frames. It has to be instant, like doing magneto’s rom infinite. I don’t think you can get that great of a discrepancy in karathrows. I do know that the info on Akuma having greater range on his karathrow than Ryu is true.

I definitely notice a large difference in the range I can get from Alex’s f+HP karathrow.

Gouki’s kara throw is definately better than Ryu’s. See for yourself, go into training mode and try different range setups, some Gouki’s will grab where Ryu’s won’t.

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Check this site: http://shoryuken.com/features/s000313.shtml

Ibuki has beast kara range. Walk up throw FTW.