Karaface thread

can we start a karaface fan club?
post videos and pictures of karaface now…

Did a quick Google search as I didn’t know who this person was (I’m not even gonna say he/she) but watch at the insane amount of pointless arguments about whether one should be referred to as he/she, what defines a man, you’re a homo etc. etc.

Her photography is awesome. Other than that this is borderline creepy.

I’m sure there is a thread from like 2 years ago you can necro to find out how the last fan club went. There’s a few tips on how to get a free trip to japan in there also I recall.

This can only end bad and yes there is an old thread. Also just a warning it got pretty ugly in there if I remember correctly. Got that free trip to Japan though. :slight_smile:

Yeah. no.