Since I don’t know of a general kara reference thread I think its a good idea to make one.

Kara throws and kara moves.

Karathrows I’ve found good:
Akuma: f.mp X throw
Chunli: mk X throw
Twelve: mp X throw
Ryu: f.mp X throw
Sean: f.fp X throw
Oro: mk X throw
Remy: rh X throw

Makoto I use a bunch:
Karakarakusa (lk X karakusa) we all know why this is good
KaraDragonpunch (lk X dp) [and EX] the increased range really stuffs jumpers, just be sure you have it down so you don’t miss.
KaraHayate (lk X p) it works with any punch but I find myself using it most with jab or fp, jab to do it quicker and fierce to get the extra range without using meter for EX

KaraHumanPileDriver (easiest to do by pressing the mk while pressing back during your half circle back immediately followed by the punch) adds a ton of range. Not quite as useful as KaraKarakusa but definately worth mentioning.

I know there are some karas that move you backwards. One example is Alex’s RH. Not sure if there’s ever a good time to use this… perhaps on a real shallow jump in or against a short divekick from Yun going towards your feet? I think it was Twelve that I also know has one. Maybe someone else can elaborate on practical uses if any of backwards motion.

Hopefully this thread will take off.

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yes but many of them are so small they’re worthless and it doesn’t cover kara moves at all only kara throws. hopefully this thread will do more.

40+ views and not one opinion on Karas. I know someone has some insight to at least the characters they use if not more. Post that stuff up.

Alright, I’ll post up. The kara throw for elena is toward+mk, and remy can use s.strong in addition to rh, but they can kara their UOs for significant range using s.strong. Yang, who’s kara move seems to be s.rh, has c.rh to extend the range of his command grab. Difficult to do, but may be worth learning since you wouldn’t have to walk that much further.

Q’s is back+strong. He gets some pretty crazy range with it, one of the best in the game if I recall correctly.

i kara dive kick.

that’s awesome exodus! bet even KO doesn’t know about that! that must be how Mester does his alleged unblockable after Sourai!!! wow!


c’mon, man. don’t start stuff. the thread starter has good intentions, so don’t try to provoke :D.

i use Dudley, and his kara is pretty much non-existent. i think.

ok. so i don’t have any kara dive kicks. but i do have dive kick bullshit tricks :smiley:

Alex’s is twd+fierce and it’s really good. The backward one is s.rh. It’s use is for kara flash chops. Theoretically, the backward kara scoots you out of throw range so your opponent’s throw whiffs and you get a free flash chop, powerbomb/super. You just do a fireball motion then rh, then mp really quick. You’ll see alex scoot back a little. There’s a better method for “unthrowable” flash chops but this is easier.

hey Exodus I got a proposition for you, check the ECC9 thread for it.

Good stuff that UOH stuff is nice. Just for shits I tried doing Remy’s TAUNT from a s.RH and s.MP and both work. Wonder if you can Kara anyone elses UOH and Taunt? Do you know? Gonna go test it out.

very nice indeed that UOH stuff is really nice. It works with every Kara although do to the nature of UOH’s ones like Akuma’s work and benefit greatly but harder to do because of the forward button needing to be pressed as well.

Oddly I couldn’t get Q’s to KaraUOH or Kara his taunt (suppose there could be a purpose if not just to show off.)

With Alex I could do the Kara throw with both his s.rh and s.mp - suppose the rh which moves him back a little first could work against deep crouching attacks although I don’t know - seems silly when a normal UOH would work. Not an alex player so wouldn’t know.

still need to do some experimenting specials now. Like that kara-shoryuken.

If anyone has more to offer, please post it up.

(medium kick) kara uoh with chun is really easy to do, just press mk a little bit before mp. I like it cause you can uoh from real far back with it, and I’m sure you could kara uoh to sa2 from out of range and get ppl (personally my uoh -> super’s need work).
Also (roundhouse) kara taunt is sweet cause she goes spread eagle for a second then taunts, same as kara uoh but with the taunt buttons.

With yun I kara throw / palm with weak kick, there is talk here of using roundhouse, I should investigate. I can (weak kick) kara palm with some frequency these days but I’m still feeling out when to use it if not every time I palm.

Ken’s (mk) kara throw is small but after a blocked UOH or low weak punch it will still connect a throw where a normal throw would not. His (mk) kara uoh can help a little, and every little bit helps right?

For throws, Oro’s Roundhouse is best. His far Forward is good for kara-UOH (Tengu pressure strings) but kara-command grab will get you killed if it’s blocked.

you can kara-taunt with Oro using s. roundhouse. looks like sleep-walking since he moves :lol:. but humz. since it’s only like, one step, it’s sleep stepping or something.


i dunno if you used back + strong to attempt Q’s kara UOH, but it’ll make it easier if you just used s. strong.

in the Makoto forums, Arlieth made a post regarding Makoto’s s. roundhouse for kara-UOH purposes. haven’t really seen this, but i’m gonna try it out. apparently really good for setting up UOH -> Seichusen.

why are you using roundhouse with Oro? His mk is so much better for any karamoves with him.

and Makoto’s RH brings her backwards so her UOH loses ground. Although it looks cool cause she does a circle kinda.

apparently it gives u right spacing to land SA1 afterwards…

about Oro, he’s ugly so i don’t use him. i just know of it 'cuz a buddy of mine liked to kara taunt using s. roundhouse. i really don’t care :lol:.

now regarding Makoto’s s. roundhouse kara into UOH -> Seichusen, MrQuotes said it right. if you’re right beside your opponent and you UOH, it will not provide enough frame advantage for Makoto to be able to link into Seichusen. however, since the s. roundhouse kara pushes Makoto back instead of towards, it will bring her to the correct distance/spacing to bust that link out. also, it plays into her mindgames. at that range, most people are probably gonna expect c. short -> Hayate link into Seichusen or just c. short -> Seichusen. they’re not gonna be expecting a UOH into a super.

Anyone know if the backward (rh) kara UOH works for alex’s link into boomerang raid?