Karas- TVC:UAS



Okay so I got my copy yesterday(Yay K-mart) and I mained Karas in 1.0 and I just got done hitting up training mode.

-Throw super still works, but looks like it does like 2-4K less
-B/C slashes seem unsafe(Very unsafe if AG’ed)
-Can combo into chain now off of 5C 1rst hit
(so like…2A,5B,2B,5C(1),214C…)
-Infinite’s are gone obviously

  • Shoulder charge still has stagger to continue a combo or go into LVL 3

There are a few other things I think happened to him but not 100% sure

-Unblockable setups not possible anymore?
-Also I heard it was possible to do air throw super?
-His chip super does less Chipp

That’s all I got for now.


I tried to tell you about that unblockable setup not working any more.

(Waits for someone to find that it does work, thus making my smug post useless.)


IIRC that was possible in CGoH


I just got done messing around with him myself and dam all my custom combos are gone :(.

The charge for the Kasha is ridiculously long so doing them for pressure or infinite is gone but that’s obvious right. :arazz:

A lot of the timing for air combos are a lot stricter due to the characters falling faster at certain points (didn’t really look into the specifics of this yet but I will soon) and less hitstun on certain attacks. For example you can’t do the startup to the mega crash combo anymore :(. A lot of air combos in general are just…stricter and less open ended. It kinda sucks because there won’t be that many custom combos but it makes it a lot more fair I guess. I think he’s still an amazing character…for now heh.


I think for Charging Kasha, we may just have to get used to holding back as soon as we start his ground string.

Therefore dash > 2A(holdback+down) 4B, 1B, 4C, kasha > slice > wallbounce

I’m sure it won’t be too much of a hassle to get used to.


Any changes to how Karas deals with giants?


Corner aereal raves into MC combo still works, just press A instead of B while falling down, and while juggling skip 2B, it may miss…Well that’s better than anything.

Against giants just do the srk, BRQ, block/srk thing 'till you die, hopefully your 2nd character has better options than Karas, so build some metter for him/her.


hmm it seems like they shortened the range on his 2A, and made the vertical range of his 5B less too. so basically, his pokes got shittier :frowning: .


Seems 5B has a bigger “get hit” hitstun which means it’s less safe…

I’ve been messing around with Karas on training mode, and my best damage output for now is:

A, A, B, d+B, C, baroque, A, A, B, d+B, C, (A)kasha, d+A, B, C, ©kasha, ©slice, wallbounce, dash, d+B, C, (A)kasha, launcher, superjump, A, A, B, B, double jump, A, A, B, B, ©Shoryuken thing

not like those old megacrash combos or the infinite, but does a good amount of damage and it’s practical, not that easy though, but practical with some practice.

I also noticed that megacrash no longer cancels aerial A… I got to put megacrash on combo only with double jump cancel, but don’t managed to be able to continue comboing after that.


You could fit a chain in there somewhere between the kashas.

A, A, B, d+B, C, baroque, A, A, B, d+A, B, C(1 hit),chain > flying kick, B(while they’re bouncing up), d+ B, C ©kasha, ©slice, wallbounce, dash, d+B, C, (A)kasha, launcher, superjump, A, A, B, B, double jump, A, A, B, B, ©Shoryuken thing


I’ll try this today.
I never noticed I could put that chain on combo before reading this thread, hopefully this will up the damage output a bit and make things easier when far from the corner.

I’d like to see something that could link that qcf + PP super after a longer combo (I can only do it with like half a dozen hits lol), would be quite useful for DHCs and stuff…


infinite is not gone. check video thread.


im glad its not gone lol but hows the timing though, cuz when i try it i have to do it somewhat slow or its prolly me


Could anyone write up some of kara’s basic bnb combos to his high level combos? I’m very new to this game, but familiar with the terminology. It would really help me get the ball rolling for people to get into this game in my area if I were able to at least use one character. As of right now, out of the 6 people I play sf with there is only 1 wanting to get into it.

As of right now I can only do his 2a x3, 5b, 6c into the rekka combo…

I would also like to know who is a good partner for karas. Right now I’m wanting to use joe, but don’t know if they would team well together.



OMG! where’s this vid? I couldn’t find it on the vid thread


Joe is not a good partner for anybody, especially not karas who has such low defense and can’t afford to muck about with Joe’s bomb assist. I would recommend pairing with Morrigan, Ryu, Jun, or anyone who has an assist that can help his combos.


You’ll see some bread and butter combos in this video.

Also, Karas’s inifinite stops in the corner now. So it’s no longer an infinite, just a loop.


Thanks for the vid, but I was talking about Joe The Condor as my partner, not Viewtiful Joe. The combo you pointed out, do they have to be in that juggle like state for the overhead to actually combo or should I be able to get the overhead to combo regardless?


It doesn’t matter who your partner is. That combo doesn’t require an assist at all. Joe condor probably isn’t going to be helping you with your combos anyway because his assist isn’t good at doing combos.

And the overhead will always combo if they’re airborn, which is fine because the first hit of kasha puts you in a stagger state anyway, then the next hit lifts and then comboes into the overhead.


Is this vid from the final version?
no matter how many times I try, I can’t manage to connect that B after kasha on TvC UAS, as it happens at 1:35… the only thing I could link after kasha was 2B


Yeah that vid is definitely not the final release but the question is, have they changed Karas since then? Those combos look amazing for non baroques. I had no idea that the slice from the Kasha strings wall bounced… Man I’m a n00b. And Umm Australop-whatever Kasha leaves them in a stagger state and you could literally land any move of his from it. I have no idea what you’re having trouble with here… _ Not to mention B is similar to 2B so I’m confused as to how you can get a 2B and not a B _. Am I missing something here?