Karas video thread! **Update 4/2/10**



Don’t get too excited yet…as “good” gameplay footage of UAS is pretty scarce at the moment this is just a placeholder for when I find videos to showcase good Karas players. I’ll be putting my stuff up eventually and I invite everyone else to post their videos and other videos they find of good Karas’ so we can learn and share.

I’ll constantly be updating this post as you guys post new videos and stuff with Karas in it. Anyway the boards have been really slow recently so I thought this was a good way to sort of bring this section back to life along with The Souki thread since I use him as my 2nd.

So yeah, once again please post any videos you can of Karas in action…win or lose, as long as the player is decent. Ill update the thread to show them and I’ll find a way of organizing once we get to that point where there are way too many videos…if it ever comes to that lol


[media=youtube]57panZYpAFU&feature=related"[/media] (Winner’s Finals 1) [Off-screen]
[media=youtube]RZbpX_EMz5A&feature=related"[/media] (Winner’s Finals 2) [Off-screen]
[media=youtube]j94bwm9fxCk&feature=related"[/media] (Winner’s Finals 3) [Off-screen]
[media=youtube]EMeduWy7y74&feature=related"[/media] (Grand Finals 1) [Off-screen]
[media=youtube]rXTpLPl93wI&feature=related"[/media] (Grand Finals 3) [Off-screen]
[media=youtube]_wgMDhSMTXw&feature=related"[/media] (Grand Finals 4) [Off-screen]


[media=youtube]6zSDgOJ7b0w"]Silven (Soki/Karas) vs. Shin (Chun/Ryu) [COLOR=“red”](Match 1)[/COLOR[/media]
[media=youtube]B9OPNSZsJPY"]Silven (Soki/Karas) vs. Shin (Chun/Ryu) [COLOR=“red”](Match 2)[/COLOR[/media]
[media=youtube]hIPqvj-hLdY"]Silven (Soki/Karas) vs. Shin (Chun/Morrigan) [COLOR=“red”](Match 3)[/COLOR[/media]
[media=youtube]b8gcewSCh2A"]Silven (Soki/Karas) vs. Shin (Chun/Ryu) [COLOR=“red”](Match 4)[/COLOR[/media]
[media=youtube]-nY6kFtATc0"]Silven (Soki/Karas) vs. Shin (Chun/Ryu) [COLOR=“red”](Match 5)[/COLOR[/media]
[media=youtube]B1ParPs0cnM"]Silven (Soki/Karas) vs. Shin (Chun/Ryu) [COLOR=“red”](Match 6)[/COLOR[/media]
[media=youtube]XzmgANvIijQ"]Silven (Soki/Karas) vs. Shin (Chun/Ryu) [COLOR=“red”](Match 7)[/COLOR[/media]
[media=youtube]zOT37KP4LJc"]Silven (Soki/Karas) vs. Shin (Chun/Ryu) [COLOR=“red”](Match 8)[/COLOR[/media]
[media=youtube]IgpDfBb7uWU"]Silven (Soki/Karas) vs. Shin (Chun/Ryu) [COLOR=“red”](Match 9) RAGEQUIT [/COLOR[/media]


This is pretty good :D, congrats!


Nice vids, too sleepy to watch everything now but I’ll put that in


I always wanted to try Karas/Zero, but the fact that you can’t perform unblockable loops with that variation discouraged me from trying it.


Is the unblockable stuff that important though?

And by the way man, nice matches. A few screwups here and there but Karas combos are easy as hell to drop, especially in tournament when you’re under pressure so I don’t blame you. That shit is rough. Ggs and congratualtions, last match was ridiculous.

Edit - The guy going “ooooh WOOOOW” at everything was hilarious lmao!!!


It’s very important. It lets him 0-death other characters with the right partner, which is something he’s incapable of doing without them. Furthermore, it builds more bar/does more damage than a regular combo. If you’ve got baroque it’s well worth going for because with a strong air combo partner like T-Blade you can 0-death ryu almost from the get go.

That karas was missing out on some extra combo damage because he was partnered with zero too. Karas can do better than 15000b per combo, and doesn’t even need to use a slide loop.


I see, well that makes me look forward to your videos even more because I imagine you’d make proficient use of these tactics in your matches. Hurry up and record some stuff man.


Squirl lacks a camera XD


Even a regular camera for off-screen stuff? No friends with cameras…? In this day and age there’s no way you can have a computer and NOT know someone with a camera or capturing device __ it’s just impossible, unless you live in a cave or something. No johns get some matches up here and contribute.


Thank you for the comments people. As for Unblockable setups it’s possible with Karas/Zero team. Do your B&B end with 5C, call Zero (Charge 6C), Connect with unblockable, BBQ and repeat. Also I like the low/high blockstrings from Karas in silvens videos.


Yeah one thing Karas has is pressure and once you got them trained to block low it’s open season on their ass. I love using like 1% chip of red life to do a J.a after 263A most people will never see it coming. If they get too used to it, baroque earlier (so that you don’t leave the ground) and go directly into 2A so they get hit with the low :slight_smile: It’s limitless! LOL.


Amazing mindgames in a 2D fighter! Wonder if you could BBQ the SRk and call in Souki while dashing through the opponent for maybe another Mindrape moment? xD


Actually you cannot do airtight UB strings with Zero. His assist sends the opponent flying up too high. They are able to jump out or use a special to escape. With someone like Tekkaman blade, it’s pretty much impossible to escape the optimal setup.


I found that if someone is paying attention (someone of Shin’s caliber) they usually see the Karas dash through. I LOVE doing it because it truly does feel great when successful but it isn’t as effective as I though vs. good players, I imagine the Soki assist will confuse the shit out of a few people though so who knows I might be blowing smoke, I need to actually try it out first. I’ll definitely look into it because it sounds like the zero assist/mixup stuff that Marn spams the hell out of. The best mixups are still 50/50 stuff like the Srk thingy and stuff like empty IADs vs. normal ones although those can broadcast themselves a little bit. I generally try to just keep the pressure on as long as I can without forming any holes. Sometimes I do form tiny holes so they can get countered with a frame trap, but in TvC everybody’s jab is like instant so it can be a little risky :frowning:


I have good matches I would like to share…Hopefully people will start posting vids of their Karas soon.

[media=youtube]7kXGymtb3YM[/media] Match 1,2,3 KARAS/ZERO vs Ryu/Zero
[media=youtube]5eNU8kGJ_s4[/media] Match 4,5 " "
[media=youtube]gzY8G9hVJs0[/media] Match 6 " "
[media=youtube]k151NSuKY5M[/media] Match 7, 8, 9, 10 " " <–Ryu Raping


Opps double post