Karas vs Lightan



Any videos out there?

How do I beat him?

What do I do?

Etc. etc.


Hey Marn,
From my experience (and watching people fight against him) with Gold Lightan, you need to run away from him and take pokes at him until the time runs out. Or with Karas, you can do HCB+A/B/C into wall slam/chain throw->combo. If you’re using Ryu as an assist, be sure to jump back to cover ground while Ryu throws his fireballs at Gold Lightan. Remember, the more hits you get on Gold Lightan, the greater the chance Gold Lightan will become dizzy (around 20 hits, that’s average). Once he is dizzy, it’s a free combo from there. Also, if Karas does not work out (or Ryu assist), get someone like Tekkaman as an assist; that leads into free combos (his assist grabs Gold Lightan with his Space Lance rope and pulls Gold Lightan towards you). Worst case, don’t use Karas and instead, use someone who is fireball heavy and can run away and at the same time can throw projectile moves at Gold Lightan. I hope this helps (even a little). I’m not sure about videos though. I’m sure someone has them out there. Good luck!


I need help infiniting Lightan and PTX.

I know I should start with the chain, but which button should I use to put them in the right position? Also, whats the infinite pattern? I’m using 46B , 1+2C, repeat (regular infinite with light 4-6 move instead), but I can’t keep them juggling.

Also, how’s the timing compared to normal chars like Ryu? It seems way faster to me, but I’m really lost here. The animation is too confusing and since the combo counter resets I don’t know when I’m really infiniting them.


Its only one rep of 46B(sets them up). After that change to 46A 1C 2A. Yes it must be done very fast much like pressure strings with 46A.


i just got this game two days ago and im having the hardest time tech hitting ptx. I can mega crash his throws with ease (thus throwing away two meters) but can never get the tech hit. When exactly are you supposed perform the tech hit?


Hahaha! Gold Lightan is the answer to the combo machine that is Karas.

Even if you fire out the whip, if blocked in the air it can be punished. Approaching from the air is suicide, as it sets you up for Lightan’s air poke combo.

Since Karas has the lowest stamina, chip damage affects him the most, which comes into play with Lightan’s damaging pokes.

There’s not much you can do except press C and dash backwards. Good Luck.