KaraStepKick HeroBrawl hosted by Kudja Is Loved


**Date: August 30th
Time: 7pm
Registration: http://challonge.com/ULTRAKudja
For Xbox: http://challonge.com/KudjaIsXBL

  • The Herobrawl Qualifier is a Weekly tournament hosted by KudjaIsLoved ( www.twitch.tv/KudjaIsLoved) on twitch.tv. The winner of this tournament is given two options they can either take their giftcard of PSN money or 3 months of PS+/XBLGold. Alternatively, they are given the option of being put into another 16 man bracket known as the Herobrawl.
  • The Herobrawl happens only when the 16 man bracket is filled every 16 weeks, unless otherwise stated by a moderator or the host.
  • The winner of the Herobrawl is offered a paid entry (Venue and one game) into the major, regional, or local event of his or her choice sponsored by KaraStepKick. This does not cover travel, hotel, or other expenses accumulated during the event itself. This also means that the event itself must have an option to be paid online or in advance, so for the best, easiest and most effective results I suggest picking a major event you can realistically make it to.


  • Tournament will be double elimination with best 2 out of 3 games with 2 out of 3 rounds.
  • If you choose to run your match off stream for any reason, contact a judge (Judges will be listed at a later date). The judge must be present and in the lobby for the match to count. Anything played before then is considered a friendly session and has no relevance to the tournament itself.
  • There will be a match played prior to any official matches, this match is considered the lag-test and the result have no relevance to the tournament itself. If the connection is determined unplayable either by a judge, both players or all three, we will simply look to set you up with someone else within the same part of the bracket that you are currently in (First round players will only be set up against other players in the first round, etc.).
  • Don’t watch the stream while playing your match. C’mon, thats a no brainer i’d think.
  • The Herobrawl Qualifier will be character lock. You select your character before the tournament, and will be required to stick with them throughout. Get in training mode, or get with a training buddy and grind out those bad match ups!
  • Double K.O. draw games are not counted, and must be played again since there is no clear victor.
  • BE ON TIME to your matches, and stay for the duration of the tournament. You will be called to play your match twice. After the second attempt, the missing player will be moved into losers bracket. If both players are missing, they will both be throw into losers bracket. In the event the missing player or players is still missing during losers bracket, they are immediately eliminated after one call.
  • Maintain your sportsmanship, there is no reason to be salty. This is a free event that you can join as many times as you’d like. Everyone gets blown up every now and then, take it with pride. Raging, trolling, or being generally toxic will result in a warning, then a temporary ban from competing, then a permanent ban from all future events.
  • There are no banned characters currently.

[Online Gameplay Disclaimer]
Because of the nature of these kind of events, connection stability can not be promised by anyone participating. We’re all at the mercy of the netcode and our individual connections. With that being said, we will do our best to make sure the connection between both players is as close to perfect as humanly possible. I’ve put a few systems in place, that I will see to myself, designed to maintain the validity and the competitive growth of the event

For any other questions either message me here, or message @KudjaIsLoved on twitter.