Karate Kid remake


Wow just wow

I mean even though its just speculation right now, the fact that Will Smith is even attached to this movie spells instant Failure.

Why would you even want to remake Karate Kid? It was perfect the way it was.
I can’t imagine how they could pull off the awesomeness that was the Cobra Kai.

Aha, I watched this move like 50 times as a kid, I’d watch the remake in a second.


I mean even though its just speculation right now, the fact that Will Smith is even attached to this movie spells instant Failure.

They were talking about his son, not Will.

Oh hell naw!

I’m pretty sure the remake will be a kid version seeing as it says Will Smith son is going to star in it. Its going to be weird without Mr. Miyagi though…Maybe Ralph Machio will be the teacher…I’ll probably still watch it, i mean i watch The Next Karate Kid, i dont think it will as bad as that…

Mr. Miyagi is irreplaceble. Who do they want to use as eccentric but deadly middle aged teacher? Steven Seagal? They’re not gona find anybody.

Maybe Chow Yun Fat, but doubt he would even put his name to this remake. Bolo Yeung?


me and my martial arts teacher were just discussing if they made one we would wanna be in the remake.


i need an agent…like right now!

“You’re the best, around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down!”

“put Em In A Bodybag Johnny!”


LOL thats guys face funny ass shit.

  • Morita is dead and so are the chances of this movie being anything awesome to yell about unless they cover the sensei part better. Victor Wong(3 Ninjas) is also dead. Luckily, Sonny Chiba, James Hong, George Takei, Ken Watanabe, Sammo Huang, and a few others COULD replace him, but I doubt that it would be as good as an old man teacher. What possessed Smith to even get involved in this in the first place? Isn’t that kid like 4 or something?

And yes, the original still owns.

Sean Connery: ~Slap!~
Will Smith: What the hell was that for?
Sean Connery: For Blasphemy!

Studios are taking everything that was mediocre-amazing from the 1980’s and mining what they can from it… Sad.

A remake could be cool. Due to the fact that Will Smith and his son will be involved kinda sucks. Don’t get me wrong I like Smith, but I dunno Smith/Karate Kid just doesn’t seem right to me.

Isn’t Will Smith’s kid like 8?

Just make a Karate Kid 5! Starring Ralph Macchio as the Sensei! Still living in Reseda (or make it Bakersfield or whatever shitty CA town you want) as a janitor or building maintenance.

/sweep the leg!

Why remake this movie anyway? What was “wrong” with the original? Ah yes, studios saw what happened with Transformers and they want to cash in too.

Sigh… is this what the movie industry is going to be eventually? A miserable little pile of remakes?

The trend of studios just a few years ago was to remake J-Horror films; Pulse, The Ring, the Grudge, etc…

Now it’s 1980’s pop-culture phenomenons. Transformers, Voltron, Karate Kid, Alvin and the Chipmunks, etc…


le sigh. hollywood just never learns. they always wanna fuck up a good thing. even though im a will smith fan i doubt this can be good.

Ok let’s think of the worst cast possible:

Johnny - Jean-Claude Van Damme
Mr Miyagi - Jackie Chan
Daniel-san - Duh - ralph macchio still looks like a kid
The Cobra Kai Leader Guy - Chuck Norris
Miss LaRusso - Signory Weaver
Daniel’s love interest: Lindsey Lohan or Paris Hilton


This would only work if Johnny came back to replace Kreese and he was married to Elizabeth Shue… Oh that would be awesome sauce…

…and everyone hold up, if this is a follow up that was done with some level of respect, it might be good. Rocky Balboa did kick ass after all.

…no Pat Morita makes me sad though. RIP Miyagi-sensei. :frowning: