Karate Loli Avatar Request

Yes it’s Makoto.

Could anyone make me a non premium Avatar with Makoto from this picture:

I’ve toyed around with a few ideas like an animated avatar with words like “I BLOCKED THAT”, “FIREBALLS ARE CHEAP” and stuff like that popping up next to her.

If not, just maybe a non animated saying “Wonder Chef!?”

I would be most appreciative!

Anybody? =[


I’m gonna have a go at this if you don’t mind.

Not sure who you’re asking…(OP or me) but have at it, cuz.

^ I was talking to the OP




This was allot fun, really cool idea Wonder Chef :'D. Did it at 3 different paces, so just pick whichever one you like the most.

I love all of them, thanks a ton guys.

Unfortunately Okuma, those files are too large, SRK won’t accept them =/