Karin and Sakura in next Capcom game

Im sure someone has put 2 and 2 together, but if they didnt well,
When you win with Sakura, one of her win quotes says something about an invite from karin.
I feel as though its the new sfxt or txsf game, either one
she cant be added as DLC due to the tense of the quote.

Don’t read too much into win quotes.

Maybe they will add Ibuki’s personal ninja-pastry chef, too, since when you when win with her she says something about wanting cake, and where she could get some…

Clearly, this is an allusion to her ninja-pastry chef, who lives with her in the ninja village where she trains, that’s why she doesn’t know where else to get cake outside the village.

In before the lock.

im still waiting for eliza

I thought this was gonna be important. Also, anything can be added to a game as downloadable content. Even, CAKE!!!

Eliza would be an interesting character. Maybe a funky hybrid of Ken and Guile’s styles?

Eliza has a super where she gives birth. You heard it here first.

What about Ken’s son? Clearly he has the power of the nut punch.

Rather see Mel in Rival Schools 3: The New Class.

Stop raising my hopes.

I hate you >.<

If Capcom doesn’t want Rival Schools characters in MvC3 fine…

I’d gladly accept a new game. Or even a rerelease of Project Justice. Something.

Did the series bomb over here or what because *everybody *loves it but Capcom pretends it doesn’t exist. Just like Power Stone…

Gonna get my Fox Mulder on and figure this out.

I think the main thing killing Rival Schools/Project Justice is the license and legal issues. It’s a very popular series to not just get unrecognized.

I’m more than surprised Power Stone has only got a PSP port and nothing more. Power Stone 2 is the party game I never get tired of playing.

Well, Dudley wants to buy chaps a drink when he wins. Sixaxis Shots Game confirmed!

karin and sakura must defeat sheng long to stand a chance being put in the next capcom game.

Capcom’s gonna get so many lawsuits after someone has a Eliza v Sagat matchup. Tiger Abortion ftl

2 important issues have Bern raised by this thread:

1st: what possible legal or licensing issues are there for a new Rival Schools?
2nd: what is the best cake? I favour something light and fluffy, like an almond sponge.

See, I always thought that when Ibuki said “cake,” she was just using it as a uphemism for dick. But ninja chef does sound more probable.

Wouldnt it be cool if Reberto made it to mvc3