Karin Avatar Request

I have a request. I want an avatar made using the below sprites. The background is up to you. I have included my current av background if you should want to use that although I would prefer something new. You’re the artists. Anything that matches the sprites would be great. Blues, greens, etc. Just go crazy. You can crop, edit, whatever.

Oh, and I don’t want my name on the av. It’s much too long.

Karin VC Activation Sprite
V-ism Combo Gauge One
V-ism Combo Gauge Two

Current Av Background (only as a last resort)

I want the V-ism gauge on the bottom of the av as well. I’m sure you guys probably already knew that. :sweat:

Thanks in advance. I appreciate your help. If you have any questions, please ask me.

Edit: Here’s another sprite if you prefer this one. I like them both. Click Here.


1 more with the other sprite.

I missed the part where you didn’t want your name in it. =/

Wow. Thank you so much! I actually like it with my name.

Muy bonita. :tup: