Karin Beginners Thread: Oh-hohohoho!


Hello everyone, this is the beginners thread for Karin Kanzuki in Street Fighter V.
Are you a new player wanting to learn Karin or maybe you’re a veteran player picking up Karin for the first time? Either way this is the place to start. Here we will stick to basics and some minor advanced techniques.
Are you having trouble executing a move or maybe you would like to know Karin’s Anti Air options? It’s all below.

Terminology Glossary

[details=Spoiler]st. - standing
cr. - crouching
b. - back
f. - forward
u. - up
d. - down
j. - jump
qcf - quarter circle forward
qcb - quarter circle back

lp - light punch
mp - medium punch
hp - heavy punch

lk - light kick
mk - medium kick
hk - heavy kick

p - any punch
k - any kick

We will start with the basics, her move list. Learn these moves, practice executing them to the point where muscle memory will take over.

Move List


Normal Throws:
Hajotsui - lp+lk
Arakuma Inashi - b. lp+lk

Meioken - mp+mk(can be charged to change properties)

Kanzuki-Ryu Guren No Kata - hp+hk
Guren Ken - qcf + p
Guren Hosho - qcf + p > p
Guren Senha - qcf + p > u + p
Guren Chochu - qcf + p > d + p
Guren Hochu - qcf + p > d + p > d + p
Guren Resshu - qcf + p > d + p > u + k
Guren Kusabi - qcf + p > d + p > d + k
Guren Kyoho - qcf + p > k

Yashagaeshi - (During guard) f + ppp

Unique Attack:
Tsumujigari - f + mk

Special Moves:
Kanzuki-Ryu Hokojutsu Sappo* - qcf + k
Tenko* - qcf + k > p
Orochi* - qcf + k > d + p
Mujinkyaku* - qcb + k
Ressenha* - qcb + p
Senha Kusabi - qcb + p > d + k
Senha Resshu - qcb + p > u + k

Critical Art:
Kanzuki-Ryu Hadorokushiki Hasha No Kata - qcf, qcf + p

    • Denotes a move than can use a bar of meter to EX

Strengths: Great footsies, great pressure, high damage, insane mixups, great walk speed, solid reversal

Weakness: Low health, Execution heavy

Bread and Butter(BnB):
cr. mp, st. mp > lk. Tenko > lk. Mujinkyaku
Practice this until it’s second nature, this is Karin in a nutshell. No gimmick, all technique.

Anti-Air Options:
cr. + hp is doable but limited. It moves Karin forward a little so it can whiff neutral jumps.
st. + hp is optional with the right timing. Also helpful with cross ups.
j. + mp is good for air to air.
EX Ressenha is where it’s at, if you can afford the meter use it. It’s her best anti-air option.

Anti-Fireball Options:
Ressenha/Senha Kusabi/Senha Resshu can all be used to jump over fireballs.
Meioken(V-Skill) can be used to absorb fireballs but there is a start up to it, so it takes timing.
Orochi can also be used to get through fireballs but again it’s about timing.

Assign her st. mk poke in your head as b + mk. Then you won’t have to deal with accidental overheads. She doesn’t have a b+mk so feel free to do it that way every time.
Learn when to V-Reversal, it helps with rushdown players and will get you out of a jam.

What is Just Frame Tenko?
Tenko (qcf + k) has a follow up executed by pressing a Punch button while you’re doing the dash. The window is 3 frames. Hitting the punch button in a tight window will result in a slightly different attack, which is faster, has better recovery and does more damage. To indicate you’ve pulled this off, Karin will shout a different word when she performs the attack.

This thread is here to help cultivate new Karin players and to help grow her fan base. No question is too off the wall, chances are if you need an answer so does another players. Feel free to ask away, keep in mind that this is for beginners, any advanced topics can be found in the other threads.

If you want to leave your Fighter ID to help new players or to help train someone online, feel free to do so. I can add you here.

Heya, first time poster. I only seem to use j.mk or sometimes j.hk as a viable anti air. cr.hk for me isn’t consistent enough to rely on yet. Would anyone here happen to have found any solid anti air abilities? Thanks

As far as anti-air goes, standing HP is fine provided you space yourself correctly. EX Ressenha also works quite well. In air-to-air situations, j.MP tends to cover her nicely.

Not sure why you mentioned crHK…unless you meant crHP, in which case it works okay if you’re far enough away. Otherwise just stick to the above-mentioned ones.

Beginner tip for karin: Assign her s. mk poke in your head as b+mk. Then you won’t have to deal with accidental overheads. She doesn’t have a b+mk so feel free to do it that way every time.

I did mean crHP, sorry.

I’ll try out standing HP and the others you mentioned more. Thanks a lot

I was checking her out today and I like her. My one question is: what does her v-skill do? Whenever I tried to work it in it pretty much just got stuffed. Can someone explain to me how to use her v-skill effectively? Thanks!

You can use it to negate fireballs from far away, and you can also use it in juggles after Just Frame Tenko or CC cHP. When used in juggles, you gain V-meter while sacrificing a bit of damage.

Looking for some Karin JFL advice!! I can get a JFL from neutral no problem, but when I try canceling it from moves such as st.MP, cr.MK(this one gives me the most trouble), and st.HP, I can’t get them as consistent as I’d like. Not really sure what I’m doing wrong. Maybe I’m hitting the punch too fast after the tenko input? I dunno, but it’s frustrating.

I was thinking about picking her up as a secondary but I cant get passed how easy her mixups are to beat.

Jabs or Ultra Davids block sequence…

How exactly do you open people up with her? I know she has good footsies, but I mean you need damage output too and it seems like a lot of her tools aren’t too good.

The timing for JFL after c.mk is a little later than s.mp. s.hp is also a little late as well. So for c.mk and s.hp delay the input for tenko slightly.

I’ve noticed karin has a good amount of tools for closing in distance during the neutral. It’s a little gimicky, but maybe try some mid screen senhas with no followup. You can also mixup your cancels with c.mk as your poke. So c.mk into senha (sweep or grab follow up) or c.mk into lk or mk mujin if you’re spaced far enough to push them away and whiff punish what they try to beat you with. You can also c.mk into orochi (-2 on block) if your execution is good enough.

I’ve been mainly playing a little patient and reading the momentum of the match. Sometimes it’s rough, but since everyone is still figuring stuff out sooner or later they will make a mistake.

I was just taught this not too long ago so I’ll share what they told me. The way that cancelling into JFL from a normal works is that you have to push the punch button after the opponent is out of the hitstop that the normal has put them into. Different normals have different hitstop frames so when you can cancel the normal into a JFL is actually slighlty different depending on what normal your canceling from.
The only thing we can really do is just practice different normals into JFL, unless someone has a better way to do it in which case I’m all ears.

What I can advise though is if you can delay canceling the st.mp, or cr. mk, or st. hp then do the JFL it should work, obviously your gonna delay by different amounts depending on which normal your using but thats helped me get it more consistent.

Doing a random senha is asking to be punished, at best you will be -4 and at worst -6 (-12 if you do the sweep follow up). It’s the same with LK and MK Mujin, which are -5 and -6 respectively. If you’re absolutely wanting to end a blockstring with a special, Orochi is the go-to choice here. However, just because the other options aren’t safe doesn’t mean they won’t work - as long as you condition the opponent first, which leads me to the next part…

First things first, Karin has no safe way to open up the opponent for big damage. Her overhead is fast but not that fast and can be reacted to, and her special moves get punished pretty easily by DP’s. If you want to open up your opponent then you need to utilize her strong footsies and some frametraps to make them too scared to press a button, which will then open up your mixup game. Really though, expect most of your damage to come from punishes and frametraps (or as I like to call it, being honest).

cr.MK > LP Senha is a good high-low that works on hit or block, but use it sparingly because you can be punished during Senha’s startup.

s.LK > cr.MP (s.MP if at tip of foot) is a decent a frametrap with a gap of 2 frames and is best used for blowing up button mashers and it should stuff non-invincible reversals (haven’t tested personally). If you land a CH, you can then do her cr.MP > s.MP BnB into whatever you want.

That’s just a little snippet of what I’ve picked up from playing her, and I plan on adding in more as I lab with her over the next couple of days. I’m looking forward to exploring what she brings to the game, and I’m confident she will easily be top tier.

Lot’s of good info in here I’ll have to try ans absorb. Been wanted to learn her sine A3, so once they announced her in SFV I knew she would be my main. Had a long session with friends last night, and I need to learn to deal with pressure (always been a problem of mine), get in safely (random stuff worked last night, but I know it wasn’t safe and will not last me long haha), and I have nothing off my crush counter yet haha

Uhhh…for a noob like me Karin is a challenge while I’m getting used to simple stuff like cr.MK -> Mujinkyaku, but all the combos with Tenko is real pain and I don’t even want to think about add CA into them or V-trigger.
Also, its seems that cr.MP->st.MP is not safe or is my input is bad?

So if someone is essentially new to SF (Hello), just starting out with Karin, what’s a good beginners gameplan? I’m looking for something simple, maybe only using a couple normals/specials/combos. It doesn’t even have to be that useful against actual good online players, just a starting point so that I can begin to understand how to fundamentally fight with Karin, and get used to trying to execute an actual plan.

You can start by using your MP or MK buttons to harass the opponent. If any of these hit (except for standing MK), cancel them into the HK version of Mujinkyaku to push the opponent into the corner as best you can. If they jump, use your speed to get under them or into position where you can use crouching HP. If you notice the opponent blocking your pokes a lot, just walk forward and throw them since you’ve got them scared. You’ll walk faster than most characters and should take advantage of it. That’s a basic gameplan. To improve, keep an eye on the distance you can poke from safely and try to hit the opponent when they whiff a move.

It’s safe if the cr.MP hits, if the st.MP is blocked or punished then you were too slow. I don’t remember off the top of my head if it is a safe pokestring, maybe try cr.MP->cr.MK to force some space instead?

its sfv… A jab does like 85% dmg.

Your the first person i see EVER try to start learning a fighter properly (at least imo) correctly, and that is slow and steady bit by bits. Good on ya! Good luck.

Tsuko is right, that string is unsafe on block. You’re only at +1 after cr.MP and s.MP starts up in 6 frames so there’s a pretty big gap there. I’m beginning to think that s.MP is a better option if you’re going for safe pressure or fishing for a frametrap/CH. It starts up 1 frame slower than cr.MP, but leaves you at +3 on block and you can then fish for cr.MK to check their low block.

Quick note: the frame data I’m using is from the VFrames app which should be using data from the final beta, so it’s possible they may be off. I’ve done quite a bit of testing with Karin though and I haven’t noticed any changes just yet but I could be missing something.

Tnx! You were right, it was my execution problem, still need lots of time to master it even in training mode

Also, feel free to add me in steam or challenge me in game, my ID is FireSol