Karin Combo/Tech Thread

Want to know what the best punish or Crush Counter combo Karin has? Any character-specific combos to maximize your damage? What’s the best no-meter combo you can do? Farthest corner carry? All of these questions can be answered here.

Also, have a crazy set-up to share? A new mix-up that you want others to test out? Share all your best tech as well!

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Basic mid screen

  • c.lp, c.lp xx lk.mujin (94 / 213)
  • c.mp, s.mp xx JFL, lk.mujin (227 / 340)
  • c.mp, c.mk xx JFL, lk.mujin (218 / 340)
  • c.mp, c.mk xx hk.mujin (201 / 334)
  • c.mp, s.mp xx hk.mujin (210 / 334)
  • c.mp, s.mp xx JFL, ex.mujin (257 / 410)
  • … lk.mujin, CA (Links after lk.mujin)

Corner Combo

  • c.mp, s.mp xx JFL, lk.mujin, ex.ressenha (311 / 460)

Frame Traps

  • s.lk, c.mp, c.mk xx JFL, lk.mujin/ex.mujin
  • … s.mp xx orochi
  • c.mp, c.hp xx lk.sapo, s.hp/s.mp xx lk.sapo

Crush Counter

  • s.hk, step forward, s.hp xx JFL, lk.mujin
  • s.hk, c.hk


  • s.hp/s.hk, VT, st.hp xx JFL, guren hochu xx CA

Some post orochi options.
Basic Beginner Combos


Good videos but any reason why you don’t have the input display on? Makes it hard to learn the combos with it off.

Posting a few options that Karin has when it comes to CC crHP. Shoutouts to @“Evil Canadian” for bringing up the command dash mixups.

After much frustration with trying to get orochi to combo after EX tenko…

I tried looking for this in game but what is JFL?

I have no idea what the “L” stands for but it’s the just frame version of Tenko. It’s not really Just Frame, you have a 3 frame window

How do you get instant Orochi to come out, I’ve been struggling with it.

How I do it is I roll my from kick to punch and it works for me. I play on pad and basically have the middle of my thumb on the kick and then quickly press down on the punch and it comes out and just takes practice.

edit: found this combo, its not the best but its a combo
Corner -c.mp, s.mp xx JFL,lk.mujin ex.mujin

Few things. I saw in one of the videos posted above, can’t remember which, where a Karin player did cr.MP, st.MP xx JFL, orochi. I rarely ever get the orochi to connect though. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Just Frame Launcher = JFL

Body is required.

After the Tenko, your inputs should look something like :qcf: :d: :k: [plinked into] :lp: . You have to be pretty quick because they’ll drop out otherwise. Seems to be harder to land in the corner too for whatever reason. It’s arguably her best ender after just frame Tenko midscreen; it has solid corner carry and the damage is higher than her other meterless options.

For punish combos on someone like Ken’s DP I can’t ever get a good followup to crush counter st.hk besides cr.hk because it pushes him so far away, so I found that cr.hp > mk mujin (juggle) does good damage and stun and is very simple 252/396

st.hk crush counter into slightly walk forward - st.mp into just frame launcher, found this today, it works

Ah I just wasn’t walking forward long enough. You get a deceptively long time to combo.

you can still do the dash under. if you go into ex tenko and jab for the reset and cancel the jab for lk command dash u end up in the front. mk command dash for the back.

I havent tested if its a meaty setup tho.

Hi guys I haven’t noticed anyone mention this but I feel like you can get a safe jump mid screen if you do a mp, st.mxxjust frame tenko, lk mujin if the opponent does a quick rise. I was testing it against Ryu doing a lp DP on wake up and I would always land in time to do a lp into mp for a counter hit set up. When the dummy would do the DP I’d be blocking instead of the blockstring coming out. It would need more testing though since I’m not too good at finding out set-ups so if anyone would like to check over this and confirm it for me I’d greatly appreciate it.

Also it seems to work in the corner too if you do a cr.mp, st.mpxxjust frame tenko, just frame tenko you can do a cross up jump and it should be safe from a DP if your opponent did it reversal on quick rise, but you would be in the corner of course.

If it does work it would be cool to know although I don’t know how viable it truly is seeing as I don’t think many people are quick rising into DPs.

Thanks dude!! Getting it much more consistent now.