Karin General Thread: Elegant offense for a more civilized age

Today’s Changelog (Sep. 23)

Adding more detailed info on normal moves, including images. (in progress)
Minor changes to special moves section.


Karin revealed at TGS 2015 (SRK)
Gameplay breakdown from Haunts (Capcom-Unity)

Official Media

Reveal trailer:



Official art:



Moveset card:



Twitter character card:



Vine character card:

If this is too small on your browser, click the V.[/details]
Random screenshots:





Video Footage

TGS build
VesperArcade moveset breakdown:



Character walkthrough with Nuki:



TGS stream footage:


Developer vs. Mago exhibition:



Gamespot footage:

IGN footage:

Other sources:



Moveset Info/Speculation

Normal Moves:

[details=Spoiler]Will be added to in the future. In the meantime, here’s a summary.

Light attacks so far have not been seen to lead into any combos. No cancels, or links outside of counterhit, have been found in videos. Presumably, they will only be useful to push the opponent away on defense, or to set up tick throws or other mixup.

Known cancelable normals: s.MP, s.HP, cr.MP, cr.MK, cr.HP.
Anti-airs: s.HP, cr.HP.
Crush counter: s.HK.
Command normal: f+MK (overhead.)

Known links: s.MP > cr.MP, cr.MP > cr.MK, s.HP xx V-trigger > s.HP.[/details]
Special Moves:

[details=Spoiler]QCF+K - Sappo. Command dash that either be used for mixup afterward or canceled into either of two followups.
[] P - Tenko. Angled upwards strike with one arm, launching the opponent and allowing followups. Using this immediately after Sappo changes the properties of the move in unknown ways.
] Down+P - Orochi. AKA “shoulder.” Karin rams into the opponent with her back turned.

QCB+K - Mujin Kyaku. AKA “upkicks.” Current speculation is that this move has automatic followups depending on which kick button you used.
[] LK has no followup and is probably safe on block.
] MK continues the upkicks into something that resembles Karin’s overhead f+MK. It does not fully combo on hit. Properties are unknown, but it may be useful as a frametrap, a high-low mixup, or as part of juggles.
[*] HK has a longer continuation that fully combos on hit, and is probably your choice meterless combo ender outside of V-trigger, likely unsafe on block.

QCB+P - Ressen Ha. Arcing rainbow palm that hits overhead and knocks down on hit. Has two potential followups:
[] Down+K - Senha Kusabi. Sliding kick that hits low.
] Up+K - Hopping grab that works against standing opponents. May be usable to avoid some common punishes/low attacks.

QCF+P - Guren Ken. AKA “rekka.” Only available during V-trigger, a chain of variable attacks that can be used as a hitconfirm, or for general pressure or mixup. See below for details.[/details]
Guren Ken followups:

[details=Spoiler]It seems like the above movelist card is not thorough in listing all of her possible options at each step during rekka. For the moment I will assume that it’s accurate and make the corrections when they’ve been contradicted by video evidence.

Step 1:
[]QCF+P - Guren Ken. The initial rekka hit. Hits twice.
Step 2:
] K - Guren Kyoho. Ends the rekka by backdashing to safety, used to bait counterattacks. Drains a lot of V-gauge. (Input is speculation.)
[] P - Guren Hosho. A palm strike that ends the rekka. Can combo into CA.
] Up+P - Guren Senha. Arcing rainbow palm that hits overhead, and allows a link afterwards.
[] Up+K - Guren Resshu. Hopping grab that works against standing opponents. May be usable to avoid some common punishes/low attacks. (Listed as step 3, but seen in step 2 during videos.)
] Down+K - Guren Kusabi. Sliding kick that hits low. (Listed as step 3, but seen in step 2 during videos.)
[] Down+P - Guren Chochu. Single elbow strike that continues the rekka. Leads to step 3.
Step 3:
] Down+P - Guren Hochu. Karin crosses behind the opponent and strikes their back. Hits crossup. (Input is speculated.)
[] Up+K - Guren Resshu. Hopping grab that works against standing opponents. May be usable to avoid some common punishes/low attacks.
] Down+K - Guren Kusabi. Sliding kick that hits low.

This post will be regularly updated with links to new content/information once it’s available.

Shouldn’t this thread be called “Oh ho ho ho ho!: The Karin Thread?”

Side note: Glad they ditched the school girl uniform.

Edit: Siliconera is 2 for 2 thus far. Maybe we’ll get Urien and Alex at launch after all.

Well, that means we will see Sakura down the road.

Praise be! Let the hype train roll on!

I can’t wait to play her horribly.


They didn’t quite nail her OHOHOHOH but it’s good enough.

Looks like she has a command dash, a shoulder slam (like Yun or Julia in SFxT), a tatsu of some sort, and a DP now. Her rekkas look a little different and we didn’t see the command throw though.

Karin is looking fabulous. Now I’m really hoping she shows up in beta 2 cause I’m thirsting real bad now.

Command dash => Potential main, I don’t dig the chara design but that’s what costumes are for :smiley:

First character that give me a good feel when I see the command list.

She’s an adult! There is hope for Sakura!

Pretty hard to tell what is actually what by watching, honestly. There was a throw that looked like the command throw with no kicks, but no camera zoom, so it could have been changed to a backthrow. Not necessarily though, considering they clearly have control over the camera in the trailer with the zoom happening right before that point.


Looks like she has a side switch rekka option, or it could be it’s own move

https://twitter.com/PR_Balrog/status/644392499197284352 watch when Mika is in the corner.

I think we are hearing the English VA in the trailer. The Japanese VA will be better probably.

I’m not massively familiar with Karin’s moveset to be frank, but she does look different than what I remember from my short experience with A3.

However, she does fit some of my “main” criteria by having a command dash, that is always something on my list. Likewise, she still has some function of a parry/counter to some degree. We don’t really see her counter outside of the actual v-reversal, which is using the animation. Not sure if she actually has it or not.

Her V-trigger confuses me on what it is actually doing. She gains a crumple effect – that I saw, but I’m not sure what else she is gaining from it.

Certainly a character I’m interested in seeing more of. A common issue with SFV that I’ve noticed is lack of moves per character (Specifically new characters), and it looks like she might have more than most, if she is to be kept in-tacked.

Possibly because that’s her English voice. Let’s wait till the Japanese comes out.

Holy crap I never played as Karin before but she looks so ridiculously fun! Can’t wait for good gameplay for her!

It’s Japanese during the gameplay portion and English in the intro, like the Rashid trailer.

It’s acceptable, IMO.

Rekka cross-through? Jeez.

Her back throw is her old command throw it seems
She has her Rekkas, palm strike, a launcher, yun’s shoulder attack, a command dash, her old K Super (EX), a Sakura styled tatsu (EX), and her wheel punch (which she follows up with a slide). She only does her Rekkas in VT with multiple enders (palm strike, hitgrab, sway-palm strike). St.hp is canceled into her wheel punch. Cr.lk combos into cr.mp. Cr.mp combos into cr.mk. Cr.mk is cancelable. Her counter is her V Reversal. She’s got the princess laugh after her super.

It does seem like some of the moves are done out of the command dash, so she might be a pseudo run/stop character now? We didn’t see her st.lp, cr.lp, st.lk, st.mp, st.mk, or cr.hp. She sways really well off her st.hk. No clue if she kept her command normal overhead. Elbow Rushes and upkicks are nowhere to be seen.