Karin Match-Up Discussion: Alex



Since the Match-Up topic for Karin is a bit antiquated and i unorganized
I decided to start a new one similar to Cammy’s Match-up discussions as an attempt to reinvigorate players interest in learning Karin.

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Honestly, this match-up is very hard for me

His Range, his anti-air jabs, his V-trigger & his command grabs are all a pain to deal with. >:(

I don’t know if this match-up is in Karin’s favor, but when i look at replays i usually see lower Rank Alex players beating higher Rank Karin players

(I myself am a Platinum rank and i lose to Super Golds & Ultra Gold Alex’s players a lot!)

Please, any tips and strategies for fighting this big guerrilla would be greatly appreciated!~ :3


I wouldn’t necessarily say this is a bad match up for Karin, it’s just that Alex can out footsie her and play the neutral much better than her.
This is usually where Karin excels, but against Alex it forces her to play differently.
You want to play this match up as close to Alex as possible, apply pressure, use frame traps, shimmies to open Alex up
Don’t jump in on Alex because his Anti-airs are better than ours.


If he does f.HP (lariat), v-reversal it. You don’t want to get into his guessing game afterwards because f.HP is +3 on block.

If you get power bombed, block for a few frames and then jab. If he does an elbow slash (his only meaty), you will block it. If he tries to dash up and throw you again, it isn’t safe so your jab will catch it.

Focus at bit more on AA. Alex doesn’t have a lot of safe options to move in, so he’ll be relying on jumps and stungun headbutt more often.